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Full 19 Show Me, Tell Me Questions

At the beginning of your driving test your DSA examiner will ask you about the show me tell me questions. You will be asked one “show me” question and one “tell me” question. A show me question requires a demonstration of how you would check a particular are on your car – for example “Show me how you would check to the see the horn is working properly”. A tell me questions just requires an explanation. At driveJohnson’s driving School we take everything about preparing you for your driving test seriously, so we have made a little video so you can watch all 19 questions. You can see where certain areas of the car are and how they operate and also understand how the “show me, Tell me” questions are worded and how you should answer them. 


What happens if you get one or both questions wrong:


In the event you answer one of both questions wrong, unfortunately you won’t be allowed to do the practical part of the driving test. Only kidding. Even if you answer both questions wrong you will be awarded with just one minor driving fault. You are allowed up to 15 minors throughout the whole test. 


Get of to a good start:


Now you know the show me, tell me questions are worth only one minor fault, don’t be dismissive about the questions, Make sure you know all 19 questions and answers. First impressions count and if your scratching your head because you don’t know how to adjust the demisters to clear the front and back windows, then the examiner will see your preparation has been poor and naturally he/she won’t be looking forward to the driving part as much. If it’s a rainy day and your windows mist up, then you have no hope adjusting the demisters on the move if you didn’t know how to do it stationary. In the event your windows do mist up and you don’t control it with the demisters, the examiner can give you a serious fault for a section on the marking sheet called ‘Ancillary controls’. Which obviously would result in you failing your driving test.

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