trainee instructorsIf you’re looking for a driving instructor in Milton Keynes, just be careful. This article has no intention in slandering other driving schools, the whole idea of us putting this up is to increase your awareness. It’s a mine field out there trying to choose the right driving instructor in Milton Keynes for your needs. Take a look at the video below that featured in November 2010’s programme ‘Watch dog, hosted by Anne Robinson’.

BSM are just one of a number of national driving schools that uses trainee driving instructors without notifying you prior to you booking your 1st driving lesson.

There are probably a lot of good instructors and nationwide that work for BSM, however, their reputation is somehow tarnished amongst driving schools in the know because of the use of trainee instructors. BSM driving school’s average driving lesson cost is £25 an hour, which is quite a significant amount considering the trainee driving instructor may not have received all of their training and of course, hasn’t even qualified.


How we try to differentiate from the other driving schools at driveJohnson’s is by using fully qualified driving instructors and having a massive real life testimonial section to back up our sky high 1st time pupil pass rate. Our testimonials do the talking for us. If you would like to know more about our driving lessons, then please feel free to call us on 0800 4581226


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