The driveJohnson’s driving manual is a great aid for learning the rules of the road and putting all of your knowledge in one easy – to – find place. It has been designed so that it is personal to you, leaving you to use it how you wish. The manual consists of all of the required subjects within the DSA driving test syllabus so there’s no need to trail through hundreds upon hundreds of websites looking for things that you, as a driver should know.


We’re aware that everyone learns differently so diagrams are provided on each subject, along with text to cater to individual learning needs. There’s even space on each page so you or your driving instructor can add any specific notes that are relevant to you.


The driving manual also includes a progress report and a feedback section so you can be updated each lesson on how you are getting on. When you’re learning to drive, this is something that we all want to know. I’ve met many students who have learnt with other driving schools in Oxford previously and hadn’t had a clue if they were near test standard or not. Our progress forms target the problem and keep you in the know – how all of the time.

The best thing about our driving manual compared to other progress forms, is that you will never be given a score without a full explanation. Positive and constructive feedback will always be given honestly.


The driveJohnson’s driving manual also includes diagrams of difficult areas, mock test papers and independent driving route diagrams to give you the down low on where they are in your area.


Our driving manual is a great tool to any learner driver and really helps them to reflect on past lessons that need re-capping, or preparing for future ones. This could be anything from revising the cockpit drill to mini roundabouts.


“When I took my driving lessons in Oxford, my driving manual was great when I needed to go over something I had forgot. I learnt with another driving school before and was handed notes on bits of paper each lesson which I always lost. The driving manual is in a really cool booklet so I never had that problem with it. All of the diagrams were much more interesting that reading a block of text as well.”


driveJohnson’s Pupil Oxford

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If you still have any questions about how the driveJohnson’s driving manual works, please feel free to call us on and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your driving lesson requirements.