Ian Carlton – driveJohnson’s instructor explains why it’s dangerous talking on the phone whilst driving:

I understand that living in 2012 would be hard without your blackberry messenger or  iPhone, but talking on the phone and driving in a car or on a motobike is illegal and can cause accidents for other innocent drivers. I teach driving lessons in Kettering so I’m on the roads a lot of the time and see endless amounts of people talking on the phone and driving.

Illegal Driving and the Consequences

The law states that it is illegal to make or receive calls/text messages, access the internet or even use your phone if you are at traffic lights or queuing in traffic. As a driving instructor in Northampton, I think it’s important that people take these laws seriously.


Why is talking on the phone and driving so dangerous?


Talking or texting on your phone will distract you. I try to emphasise the facts to my pupils, that they are 4 times more likely to crash by talking on the phone. This statistic is quite shocking, I don’t think people realise the seriousness of the offence. Not only that, but your reaction time is affected more than someone who has been drinking and driving at the legal limit. A campaign has now begun to show young drivers the reality of car crashes in Northampton; emphasising the consequences of being negligent on the road by doing things such as talking on the phone whilst driving.


What other problems are there with talking on the phone and driving.


Not only is it dangerous to talk on the phone whilst driving, but it can also get you into a lot of trouble. If you’re caught using a mobile phone or something similar like an iPod for example, you will receive a fixed penalty automatically. This includes getting three points on your driving licence and a driving fine of £60! Sometimes the situation can be a lot more serious and may require you going to court. In that case you may be facing a driving ban and have to pay a fine of up to £1,000!


The best way of communicating with others is via bluetooth or a hands free set so that you can concentrate fully on driving. All of the driveJohnson’s driving instructors  use them and find them very useful. So, whether you have a full UK driving licence or are learning to drive remember the seriousness of what this bad habit can do.