If you are studying for your theory driving test, after the 23rd January 2012, you should know that the DSA have altered the way that the test is now passed. The test now also consists of new case study scenarios in which the DSA will not publish any of the questions or material in order to push your knowledge to the limit.

If you are learning with driveJohnson’s and are taking your driving lessons in Luton, then your instructor will cover everything with you to ensure you are familiar with the new format. However, if you are not here is some more information :

Changes to Watch Out For

You will be given a scenario or short story where you will then be asked 5 case study based questions that are aimed to test your knowledge on various subjects. The DSA believe that the former theory test doesn’t allow you to assess your driving theory knowledge but to simply memorise what may occur during the test.


The theory test will still consist of 50 multiple choice questions with the 14 Hazard perception clips still being included. Although the theory has now changed, it is still essential to revise as much as possible to ensure that you are completely ready.
Here are are a few tips as to how you can revise for the new theory test to guarantee a 1st time pass.


Study the Highway code : The Highway code will teach you how roads operate and the rules in which to follow.  If you are ever unsure of any information, The Highway code will be sure to provide you with accurate and precise answers.


Practice with as many of the Hazard Perception test videos as possible : Interactive videos can be found online or on the Driving Test Success DVD’s and allows you to see how the section would operate in the actual theory test.


Use up to date and relevant DVD material : The Driving Test Success DVD covers all areas of the test making it easy for you recap any subjects that you want to revise again.


If you are wanting to book your Theory driving test in Luton, here is your nearest centre :

70/78 Collingdon Street

All theory tests can be booked through gov.uk


New changes to the test may seem scary but if you revise properly, there is nothing to worry about. For more information on new changes to the theory driving test, please call 0800 458 1226 today!