As you probably know the industry for driving lessons has been destroyed by many driving schools slashing the prices of their driving lessons to attract immediate customers. Only 2 years ago, driving instructors across the country were scoffing at a particular company offering 5 lessons for £56. Now, a lot of those driving instructors are working for this company.

Mobile Apps for Driving Instructors

One way of competing with these low priced driving lessons is by raising the standards in general and with technology. So get an iPad or something similar and start getting with the new schools and drop the old school methods and mentality.


Here’s a heads up on 3 apps that we use in our lessons:


google earth

1. Google earth – FREE –  Every pupil will struggle on the usual tricky test route area hotspots initially. Instead of going round and round repeating the same area, wasting fuel etc… why not pull your pupil up for 3 mins and show them the approach stationary on your iPad via google earth. As long as you are connected to the internet, google earth can pick up your exact location on your iPad device. For example, if you are driving along St Marys road on during your driving lesson in Luton, you can then literally in seconds get a birds eye or ground view of the particular area you want to go over with your pupil. If you explain it to them stationary and show them the approach that is required, they will have a better chance getting it right on the move.


indy drive2. Indy drive – £2.99
– This app is available on the iPad or iPhone. It’s a great way to practice independent routes using diagrams. Your pupil may be asked to drive independently on busy roads in Luton such as the A6 for A505 so it’s a great way to prepare them for anything that may pop up. The beauty of this app is it’s very simple and you can make up your own independent route within 30 seconds specific to the area and junctions that are around you. I use the exact same routes as the DSA so my pupils can become familiar with diagrams and the route, which in turn increases their chances of passing. As they get better I then step up the diagrams and put more junctions on one instruction card to make it very challenging. This improves their concentration and memory for their actual driving test in Luton. Once you have designed each set of diagrams you can then save them, so it’s just one tap of a button and it’s on your screen. Looks 100% better than being on paper or card.


mock test3. Mock Test – FREE
– Another great app by the same developer. This app is a brilliant way of conducting mock driving tests professionally. The report form is identical to what the DSA use. So you are eliminating the use of paper again, also it can be tricky getting hold of the DSA test report forms. As your pupil commits a fault, you literally just have to tap the area for example ‘Move off – control’ and the sheet has been marked. At the end tap the faults box and it will add the total minors and serious in a split second. Another great feature about this app is that you can email the report to your pupil straight away. So you and your pupil have a report of their progress. A good instructor helps their pupil understand when they are ready and not ready, sometimes proof is the best way to help a pupil come round to what you think. So mock tests is a must and using this on iPad doesn’t get any classier.

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