Are you thinking about committing fraud to pass the driving test or theory test?

If the answer is yes to the above, then this article is definitely worth a read before you go and do it. Apparently in 2011 over 1,000 people were convicted for driving test fraud whether it was for the theory driving test, practical driving test or both.

Driving Test Cheats

In 2004 there was 158 reported impersonations, in 2005 there was 303 and in 2006 there was 557 reported. From 2004-2006 the figure for driving test fraud has trebled. So it’s either on the up or the DSA are getting better at catching the little rascals.


Fees for completing the theory test and the practical driving test on behalf of someone else can be up to £1500. The consequences for being caught in the act can be jail time and for those who are paying for the licence, it’s just their driving licence will be revoked.


A man called “Palwinder Singh Johal” was found guilty for sitting over 100 driving test exams for different people and he was charging just £100 a time. He was jailed for 2 years and deported. The man was caught at the Oxford test centre, where apparently he was taking the test for someone who hadn’t even had one driving lesson in Oxford.



One impersonator even took the theory test twice in one day using two different names at two different test centres. Watch the video on the right for more information. Eventually the DSA and Police caught up with him and he was arrested.


This is another contribution to why peoples car insurance is so high. There’s also a very grey area concerning the use of international driving licences. That’s another story which is covered within the driveJohnson’s blog.


It looks like the DSA and the Police are becoming wiser to the driving test fraud being committed. So please share this article to increase the awareness and hopefully we can reduce the fraudsters by making them aware of the consequences and the fact that the DSA are very aware of the situation.