The DVSA have confirmed that driving test examiners across the UK will officially be on strike on Friday 8th June 2012.
on strike¬†This will affect learner driving tests, taxi tests and driving instructor part 1 and 2 tests. The DVSA said “Not all examiners are members of the PCS union and even if they are, we can’t be sure that they’ll support the strike.” Candidates who have a test booked for this friday can still cancel their test as long as they give 3 working days notice. However, not all of the examiners will be on strike. For example in Milton Keynes, there are usually two examiners that never go on strike. So if you don’t reschedule your driving test with 3 working days notice, please turn up to your local test centre with your driving instructor on the off chance that your allocated examiner has not gone on strike. You cannot call up the DSA or your local test centre in advance to find out if your driving test is going ahead unfortunately. As the whole idea of the strike is to cause maximum disturbance and telling candidates in advance wouldn’t emphasise the importance of the examiners and why they are so important to the DVSA’s future as a profit oriented company

Driving Examiner Strike

In the event that you turn up for your driving test and it is cancelled on the day, make sure you ask for an expenses form. This is your opportunity to be reimbursed financially by the DVSA for the duration of your driving lesson before your test and the duration of your driving test. Follow this link for more information: Apply for out-of-pocket expenses for a cancelled driving test. It’s always easier to fill in the form straight away with your driving instructor, so try to get a form on the day as your driving instructor will have to sign a section of the form to confirm they have charged you for 2-3 hours and their hourly rate.


What to do next?

Rather than waiting for your letter to to come in the post, call up the DVSA as soon as you’re back from the test centre on: 0300 2001122 and you can normally find out when your test has been re-scheduled for. You can keep checking online for late cancellations or if you’re a driveJohnson’s pupil, send us an email with your circumstances and we can help you find an earlier test. ‘Brad Jones’ who was doing his driving lessons in Oxford had his test rescheduled by the DSA and within 7 days we found him an earlier driving test.

In the meantime, watch our driving test tips videos to keep in touch with your manoeuvres, independent driving, show me tell me questions and more.