A few tips especially to new drivers on driving in snow and on icy roads by Steven Warren – driveJohnson’s instructor providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes

Tips for Driving in the Snow

1. Make sure you clear ALL your windows of snow before you drive.
2. If your wheels spin when moving off, don’t over rev the engine. Your tyres have less grip when spinning and your wheels can dig in deeper making it harder to move. Even try pulling away in 2nd gear as this has slightly less instant power than 1st.
3. Use headlights. Not every driver clears their windows properly, so be seen by those that don’t.
4. Increase the gap between you and the car ahead.
5. Treat the accelerator & brakes delicately.
6. No sudden direction changes. Steer smoothly.snow road
7. If your wheels lock, you can’t steer. If you can’t steer you’re in trouble so brake earlier than normal (after checking your mirrors) and slow down gently.
8. If you car doesn’t have anti-lock-brakes, release and reapply your brakes if you start to skid.
9. Drive in as high a gear as you reasonably can. This helps prevent wheel spin.
10. Use engine braking as much as possible. When slowing, change down into the lower gear earlier than normal so that the engine can hold the car back as well as the brakes. This is especially effective on hills.
11. Be aware that road markings and signs can be hidden by snow.driving instructor
12. When turning from a major onto a minor road be prepared for the new road to be icy so don’t turn in to fast. It might be untreated and very slippery.
13. Do you remember from your theory test why Give Way and Stop signs are the shape they are? If road signs are covered in snow, you can’t read them, that’s why the only upside down triangular sign means Give Way and the only hexagonal sign means Stop. Keep safe by looking out for these, you know you’re at a junction.
14. Last but not least, is your journey really necessary? If not, stay safe and don’t drive.


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