If you are a B+E Trailer trainer or you are looking to do your trailer test in the near future then make sure you are aware of the changes to B+E trailer tests that are officially implemented on 30th September 2013.

The DVSA have decided to make the B + E car and trailer towing test more realistic by asking all test candidates to arrive with their trailer at least part loaded to the weight of 600kgs minimum.

Always Check Your Trailer

The DVSA examiner will do random checks to ensure the trailer has the correct weight load before conducting the practical part of the test.


trailer trainingHow does this affect your trailer training?


As a driver towing a trailer, it will mean the handling of the vehicle will vary depending on things like gradient and bends. So when you are doing your trailer training your instructor will ensure you experience these types of situations.


As a trainer providing trailer training courses, the main concern is the cost of providing the vehicle will go up. Wear and tear on the tyres and fuel costs are the obvious increases.

The increase in costs won’t be significant enough for us to start hacking up the prices like some trailer training course providers.


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