Jamie Stimpson Passes First Time

Jaimie Stimpson passRecording artist ‘Jamie Stimpson’ who took his driving lessons in Milton Keynes passed his test in 2012. Since then he has recommended many friends and businesses to use driveJohnson’s – which of course we appreciate.

These high profile recommendations can only happen if we serve the general community well.

Jamie said “driveJohnson’s are a driving school that is in it for the right reasons, they don’t use old school instructors that are ready for retirement. My instructor ‘Peter Hogben’ was great as there was a good balance between laughter and getting the job done. Learning to drive should be fun, So anyone who wants to enjoy their driving lessons and pass fast – choose driveJohnson’s.”

Jamie Stimpson joins the driveJohnson’s hall of fame taking us closer to 2000 first time passes. He passed in under 15 hours and first time. The national average is 45 + 22 hours private practice, totalling 67 hours. So Jamie Smashing the test in under 15 hours is excellent. Business as usual for driveJohnson’s though.



It’s just a matter of time before ‘Jamie Stimpson’ leaps onto the big stage of music. At the moment he is writing/recording  and preparing a new album, getting everything into place so everything goes off like a rocket. Check out one of Jamie’s latest song ‘Alive’ on the right. If you like Jamie’s music visit his website: www.Jamie-Stimpson.co.uk

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