How to Lower Your Car Insurance

Learning to drive is costly but life after the driving test gets even more expensive.


We are regularly asked whilst pupils are learning to drive about car insurance and are there any good companies to go with.


Here’s a few tips on how you can lower your car insurance:


car engine sizesChoose a car with a small engine size:

Naturally, the higher the engine size you choose, the more your insurance will go up. There are many very light weight vehicles now like the Toyota Aygo, Citreon C1 and Fiat 500 that are only 1 litre engines but because they are very light weight their 0-60mph is actually faster than some 1.4 engine cars that are heavier. Sally Compton who took driving lessons in Harrogate with driveJohnson’s said “I learnt to drive in the Fiat 500, they are great fun, low on fuel and cheap insurance”


Joint Insurance:

If you live with your family, there may be someone in the household that has a full no claims. If you ask them nicely, they can go on your insurance as a named driver and this significantly lowers the insurance with some companies.


Low Mileage Insurance:

It’s a numbers game, the longer you are on the road, statistically your chances of having an accident should become higher too. If you don’t intend to do lots of road trips and don’t have to commute far to get to work or college then ask what the cost would be for 10k miles a year or even 6k.


avoid modificationsAvoid Modifications:

The moment you say you have a modification, a red flag can be raised. It may not affect the speed of your vehicle but it may increase the cost of your insurance. Be sure to find out what modifications are acceptable. Alloy wheels often increases the insurance premium.


Keep Your Car In The Garage At Night:

One question that is often asked is where will your car be kept. If your house has a garage then it’s worth keeping it in there to keep the cost down a little bit.


black box insuranceCurfew/Black Box Driving Insurance:

If you’re not a night person then this could massively benefit you. Some insurance companies offer a black box which is a bit like a tracker and it goes into your car and can detect what times you are on the road and if you are driving dangerously. Usually anything after 11pm and before 5am is forbidden and penalties can be incurred.

Mark Eggerton who learnt with driveJohnson’s driving school said “I reduced my insurance by over a £1000 just by getting the black box. It’s worth doing for the first year, just to get that first years no claims bonus”


Third Party Only:

If your car is a banger and it’s worth less than £500, then you might want to consider just insuring it as third party only. Claiming through your insurance for a repair that’s less than £500 could result in your insurance premium going up by more than £500 next time you go to insure it.


Group Insurance:

Some companies now, like admiral and direct line offer group otherwise known as multi-car insurance. So if someone else in your family is insured with a company that offers this, it might be worth asking what the discount would be.


Increase Your Excess:

If you are confident that you are not going to have an accident where it’s your fault, then raising your excess will in turn lower your insurance premium.


insure onlineBuy Online:


Most companies offer a discount for booking online. If you’re unsure, call them up, get all the answers you need and then go back online and purchase your insurance through there. Many price comparison websites are available for you to get instant quotes, just remember you must correctly enter your details and circumstances otherwise this could result in your insurance becoming invalid.