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Would you like to WIN one of the following?


1st Prize

8 x tickets For Wonderworld Nightclub + VIP Booth + 2 bottles of Champagne + 2 x Copies of Judgement day album – Signed by Jamie Stimpson & Alfie Mister-vee Desborough.

Jamie Stimpson & Alfie Mister-Vee are taking music in Milton Keynes to the next level. It’s a matter of time before they hit the big time. It’s going to be a Quality Night! So even if you don’t win the Booth & Champagne, make sure your there for the Launch Night of their album = Friday 30th August, Doors open 8:30pm.



2nd Prize

2 x Tickets for Jessie J Tickets at Capital FM. Friday 25th October  7:30pm Start.



3rd Prize 

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5 Hours of Driving Lessons – FREE

That’s right 5 hours of driving lessons for free with the mighty driveJohnson’s Driving School.


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All you have to do is like our FaceBook/Twitter page and answer the following question…


Both Jamie Stimpson & Mister Vee passed FIRST TIME with driveJohnson’s taking their driving lessons in Milton Keynes. But how many minors did they both get?


Please submit your answer in the comments box below:


The Winner will be announced Wednesday 28th August 2013

Your answer will go live 24 hours after entry.

* If there is more than three correct answers then the winners will be drawn at random

** If there are no correct answers then the three nearest answers win.

*** Winner will be announced via driveJohnson’s Twitter & Facebook pages