DVSA Luton Driving Test Centre:


6/10 Adelaide Street

Test centre manager: Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson is a very enthusiastic and passionate examiner. He’s very approachable, if there is a problem, let him know and he will usually come up with a solution.




driving test centre

You should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your driving test commences. preferably 5 minutes. The test centre is quite busy, so arriving too early may mean that you’re in the way of driving tests in Luton coming back. So there’s quite a fine line in terms of timing. Always position your vehicle so it’s ready to drive forwards straight away once your test commences. You may be asked to do the Bay Park manoeuvre at the beginning of the test, so being in the correct position from the start helps. At the beginning of your driving test in Luton be sure to look all around you before moving out, as there may up to 6 other learners moving out at the same time. Having a near collision with the learner next to you would be a disastrous start.


Driving Test Advice For Luton


As you probably know, the surrounding areas of Luton Driving Test centre consists of lots of busy town roads and narrow streets with lots of potential meeting situations. Obviously you need to be able to drive, however, having good anticipation, meeting and clearance skills will give you an extra advantage of passing your driving test in Luton. Because of the narrow streets and lots of parked cars – visibility can be restricted ahead so keeping your speed so your ready for the unexpected is vital and will ultimately make the examiner feel safe too (pedestrians between parked cars, cars pulling out, car doors opening etc). Although the majority of your driving test in Luton will be in town areas, you could be taken on faster roads like the A505, A6 and you may also be taken on country roads outside of Luton.

The driving test will take approximately 38-40 minutes.

You will be asked to do the following during your driving test in Luton:


1. Show me, tell me questions

2. One manoeuvre

3. 1 in 4 chance of the emergency stop.

4. 10 minutes of independent driving

5. Pull up and move off several times, possibly behind a parked car

6. Drive through various traffic conditions and road types.

Hopefully you have covered all of the above in your driving lessons, if not, feel free to get in touch with us and we can help you with your driving lessons in Luton.