A Local Car Garage in Milton Keynes

Trying to find a reliable car garage in Milton Keynes can be tricky with so much choice.

Open up the Citizen newspaper and you will be inundated with offers for cheap MOT’s in Milton Keynes.


So here’s a few tips and questions we used to find a very reliable car garage in Milton Keynes: MK Autocare.


newspaper milton keynes

1. Don’t always go for the garage that has the largest advert in the paper. They are usually a national company with a lot of spending power. Are they spending their money on advertising to win the work or on their mechanics to provide a quality service?


2. It’s always a nice feeling going to a car garage where the manager or owner is about. Smaller car garages in Milton Keynes often have the owner working on site. Everyone knows the employees work harder when the boss man is about.


mot in milton keynes3. If you’re looking for a good MOT tester in Milton Keynes then ask the garage you are interested in about the mechanic that will be testing your vehicle. Age, qualifications and previous experience are vital contributions to a good and honest MOT test in Milton Keynes.


4. Look around the premises if you get a chance. A tidy workshop is usually a sign of a quality workers. Would you feel confident leaving your car with a garage that has wheels, oil spills and other car parts lying around aimlessly?


5. How long has the garage in question been operating? Do they have a social media following? Can they provide believable testimonials of happy customers over a long period of time?


Hopefully you can see there is more to choosing a car garage than just an offer in the newspaper. If you don’t know someone close to you that can recommend a local garage then these questions should hopefully help you on your way.


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