antyIts the big question that is always asked…

What’s my local driving test centre pass rate? And is it better to take your driving test at a centre with a higher pass rate?


As a driving instructor myself, I strongly believe that as long as you are ready for your driving test and know all of the test routes, it shouldn’t matter what test centre you go to. However, one common pattern that does appear is that all the major cities like London, Leeds and Birmingham all have an average UK driving test pass rate 10% lower than other towns or small cities.


So, the question has to be asked what is the reason for a 10% difference?


City driving is always going to be harder than in the countryside or a small town. Although the DVSA ensure all the test routes are well balanced with a mixture of road types, they can’t control the traffic and the mentality of the traffic. Driving in London for example is very dog eat dog. Lots of eye contact is required with other road users, quick decisive decisions are required and of course cyclists and emergency vehicles are more common. These are all areas of the test that require experience. So, someone taking their test with only 20 hours experience might be technically good and capable, however, I would say they would be more suited to a quieter town where there is less of the unexpected likely to happen.

Driving Test Centre Pass Rates

Below is a table of some of the areas we cover and provide driving tests. Along with the first time pass rate for male and females. Each area has a link to our driving lesson page, so if you want to know more about the services in that area, just click.


Test CentreMale 1st attemptsMale 1st attemptpassesMale Pass %  Female 1st   attempts Female 1st attempt passesFemale Pass %
Birmingham (Kingstanding)1,92480341.71,70354431.9
Cambridge (Chesterton Road)1,06661357.51,04753150.7
Cambridge(Cowley Road)1,46478553.61,59078049.1
Leighton Buzzard93051855.784837344.0
Oxford (Cowley)1,9751,01651.42,13198746.3
National Total322,988164,96051.1328,028145,41244.3


So there you have it, the 2012-2013 national average pass rate for males is: 51.1% and females 44.3%



If you’re a driving instructor and would like to know the pass rate for all the areas across the UK, just let me know and I can send you the PDF. It’s quite big, hence I couldn’t put it all on here. If you would like to know individual test centres, just leave a message and I shall post back.