Faults with Aylesbury Cabs Increase

Taxi cab signRecently the Bucks Herald – Aylesbury’s local newspaper released some disturbing news about Aylesbury taxi defects on the increase.

On September 1st 2013 the police completed 13 spot checks on private hire vehicles in Aylesbury. Eight of the vehicles had serious defects. So serious that the police removed their plates and ordered the problems to be fixed and a new MOT to be completed with immediate affect. Six fixed penalty notices were handed out.

Sergeant Simon Hills said: “These results are somewhat disturbing, we rely on the professionalism of our private hire and hackney carriage drivers to keep their passengers safe on the roads.

“To find that 85% of the vehicles stopped were carrying a defect is of concern to the police, VOSA and the taxi licensing authority. Quote taken from: www.bucksherald.co.uk/news


There is a noticeable rise in complaints about taxi drivers within the Aylesbury community. Social media has taken over the world and makes it even easier for people to voice their misfortune. One person published on Spotted: Aylesbury about their recent car accident in a taxi. She said “My taxi driver was driving so fast he hit a learner driver from behind whilst they were doing their driving lesson in Aylesbury. He was also on his phone stupid idiot”


Not all taxi drivers in Aylesbury are guilty of bad driving or poor safety standards. Anthony Johnson (owner of driveJohnson’s) spoke to Mike Ridley who has been a taxi driver for 15 years and Mike said the following “8 out of 13 taxis is shocking. I’ve been a cabbie for 15 years and not once has my vehicle failed it’s MOT. Before I go out everyday I will always check my tyres and get the Mrs to check my brakes are working, I owe it to the customers to keep them as safe as possible whilst they are in my car. If everyone was like me, taxi drivers would have a good reputation”.


Are the taxi drivers standards high enough? Share your thoughts below.