automatic-lessonsTaking an automatic driving test is no different to a manual driving test in terms of the test route, driving examiner or the manoeuvre that you are asked to do.

When you book your driving test there isn’t a section that asks you if you are taking the test in manual or automatic. The closest question to this is ‘do you have any special requirements’.

The test centre for automatic tests is the same as the manual vehicles. The examiner you may have is randomly selected, so there isn’t a particular examiner that just does automatic driving tests.


driving test passCan you change from Manual to Automatic before your driving test day?


Yes you can and you don’t need to alter your booking either. The examiner will know which licence you will be rewarded with if you are lucky enough to pass your test, the moment they enter the vehicle. You could be learning in a manual vehicle 7 days before your driving test and then change your mind and want to take the test in automatic. Anthony Johnson explains “I came across this once teaching a more mature┬ápupil. She came to me at short notice and couldn’t grasp manual. Obviously it was my duty to be honest with her. She was desperate for a licence, so I advised with the time remaining it was going to be difficult to help her understand the clutch and gears. So she decided to continue with automatic driving lessons in Northampton instead. She went on to pass her test, because her driving theory test was due to expire, she was very grateful for my advice as her priority was to be on the roads so she could take her children here there and everywhere”.


As for the actual driving test, you will have to complete the following be it in manual or automatic:

1. Eyesight test.

2. Show Me, Tell Me Questions

3. 1 Manoeuvre.

4. 38-40 minutes of driving over various road types and traffic conditions.

5. 1 in 4 chance of doing the emergency stop

6. 10 minutes of independent driving

At end of the automatic driving test you will be told be the examiner there and then if you have passed or failed and offered a debrief on your performance.