Even More Zero Minor Passes!

There are many driving instructors out there that can go their whole teaching career and never achieve the ultimate: Getting a pupil to drive perfectly on the day of their driving test and achieve ZERO minor faults.

For one of our driving instructors in Oxford, it was business as usual – until he had two pupils pass first time, with zero minors in the same day.

Below, you can see a very happy ‘Paiboon Nashphat’ with his pass certificate on the left and his exam paper on the right with Zero minors.

Paiboon said “It’s all down to my instructor, without him, I could never have achieved this result”.


oxford zero minors


Neil Martin‘s day got even better when ‘Liam Mills’ passed with 0 driver faults in Oxford after just 14hrs of lessons.

Liam Said “To pass in just 14 hours was amazing, to pass with zero minors as well was unthinkable in my mind. I knew I had a good chance of passing because Neil┬ásaid I was ready but I never anticipated the examiner saying I was a perfect driver.”

Below you can see ‘Liam’ loving life with his pass certificate and a test sheet so clean you could eat your dinner off it.


oxford 0 minors pass

driveJohnson’s specialises in getting pupils through their test with zero minor faults, visit our perfect drivers section for more information.