In our latest post, Anthony Johnson tells us what makes a good or bad driving instructor…

I’m writing this article because I stumbled across a video on YouTube that really alarmed me.


Watch the video on the right and let me know your thoughts in the comment box at the bottom.

Now, most people would say “it’s not real” because there is no interior mirror for the instructor’s use and this sort of behaviour would never happen.
However, I can see in the bottom right corner a square badge that does look an offset green which indicates to me it could be the instructors Adi badge.

Anyway, this sort of behaviour does unfortunately go on in driving lessons across the UK.
I would say the independent driving instructors out there may be slightly more guilty of this because they have nobody to answer to. If they upset a pupil, the pupil will normally leave without saying much and try someone else.


check testBrief summary of the instructor’s performance in the video as if it were a check test:


• His identification of the faults was poor, although he did point out the obvious, he wrapped everything up with criticism.

• There was no analysis or remedial action provided to prevent the faults happening again.

• Risk management was unsatisfactory. The instructor seemed out of control throughout and all instruction (which wasn’t much) was in retrospect.

• Teaching style was not suited to the pupil. She was very nervous and not at ease, to the point she wanted to finish the lesson early. The instructor had a very aggressive nature and  his teaching style was very ‘my way or the high way’.

• There was no technical instruction shown at all, in fact, someone’s grandparent with better patience levels could have done a better job.

I think it’s fair to say, based on the 2 minute 50 second video the instructor wouldn’t have scored highly in his check test.

So what makes a good instructor?

Well, this is the ultimate question and obviously every instructor has their own style and ways of teaching. I always say the following to any driving instructor wanting to join the driveJohnson’s driving instructor franchise; “You won’t be able to please everyone, but as long as you please the vast majority you will be fine”.


In my time as an instructor I rarely lost a pupil and when I did I always looked at myself first before blaming the pupil and I always used to ask myself “what could have I done better my end?”.

Yes the pupil may have been a nightmare cancelling at short notice, turning up half asleep and thought they knew it all but could I have done more?

If you think like this as an instructor, you will lose fewer pupils. Naturally, you will find your pupil retention rate will increase too.