Beta Blockers for Anxiety

beta blockers for driving testIf you’re a nervous driver and suffer from anxiety when driving, we’re sure you’ll be trying to find a solution to the problem. If you’re approaching your driving test, your nerves might be getting the better of you and you especially don’t want to make any silly mistakes on the big day due to nervousness.


Taking beta blockers for driving test is one option which you could try, where the beta blockers, which are prescribed to you by your doctor, can calm your symptoms and allow you to focus. You must speak to your GP about taking any kind of medication. We would suggest taking the beta blockers before you have a driving lesson or test, so that you can see how you feel on the medication before you do any driving. Beta blockers shouldn’t effect your ability to drive, however if you do feel any symptoms such a dizziness or tiredness, you shouldn’t drive and you should go back and speak to your GP.


Beta blockers work by stopping the transmission of some nerve impulses. These certain impulses are what cause an unnecessarily elevated heartbeat because they stimulate beta-adrenergic receptors. When they are blocked by the beta blockers, your heart does not race. Beta-adrenergic receptors in your body are also stimulated by adrenaline, therefore if you’re anxious, more adrenaline will be released into your bloodstream, causing an increased heart rate and other anxiety symptoms. The beta blocker stops these receptors from being stimulated so the adrenaline in your system does not effect you.


Beta blockers do not reduce anxiety itself, it simply stops it from effecting you. Predominantly, beta blockers can help reduce shaking and an elevated heart rate.


Taking an Assessment Lesson with us would be one way to see if you need Beta Blockers. A second opinion about your driving can help you decide what’s right for you. Our instructors would be able to identify if you have a problem with nerves and help you with some recommendations.


James, who took his driving lessons in Luton with Drive Luton was a nervous driver and he almost quit his driving. He initially failed his driving test in Leighton Buzzard, which knocked his confidence. He was advised by his doctor to try a beta-blocker for his nerves and he gave it a try. Here’s what he had to say- “I was so nervous and there was no way that I was going to be able to take my driving test. My doctor suggested I take a beta blocker before my driving lessons to help calm me down and allow me to focus more. When I had my first lesson on the blockers, everything changed, I was calm! I’ve now passed my driving test and I’m a confident driver – I don’t need the blockers for driving now either!”


However, the more you know about your driving test, the better prepared you will be and subsequently, you’ll be less nervous. Read our blog post about things to consider when approaching your driving test.

We would always recommend trying to calm yourself down naturally, so if you’re nervous about your driving test then there are more natural ways to help, for example taking rescue remedy for driving test nerves.