Driving Test Calming Measures

Rescue remedy for the driving test is used by many in hope that it will calm the nerves on the day of the driving test, here we explain the benefits:

There are many learner drivers who are nervous for their driving test, which is completely understandable. However some learners find that they need a little something more to calm down. Each driver is different and when it comes to driving or even test day, nerves can cause you to make mistakes – and as we all know, making mistakes, especially on test day, is no good thing!


rescue remedy for your test

There are numerous things you can do to help with your nerves on your driving test day; reading up on what you need to know for your driving test can help calm you down. Although, if that’s not enough,  you could give Bach Rescue Remedy a try.


Taking Rescue Remedy for your driving test is known to have helped many learner drivers. Rescue Remedy is said to relax and help you become focused, making it the ideal solution for the driving test nerves. Rescue remedy is a combination of 5 plant extracts, all with supposed calming properties when taken.


Sarah, who was learning with a company called ‘Drive Northampton’ a driving school in Northampton, had previously failed her driving test. In her lessons she was a great driver, however, under pressure her nerves got the better of her.


After consulting some friends, she decided to learn with Stephen Bailey, one of our driving instructors in Northampton.

Sometimes, a change of instructor helps, however in this instance, Stephen just suggested the rescue remedy to Sarah and that seemed to make the difference!

Sarah said: “I was really nervous about my driving test and so my driving instructor suggested I try rescue remedy. I was sceptical at first, but I thought that I’d give it a try. The night before my test, I took a few drops of rescue remedy before I slept and I woke up feeling refreshed and calm. I suffer with my sleep and it helped me have a restful night! I took a few more drops of the rescue remedy before my driving test and I can honestly say, I felt really calm and focused. Whether it was a placebo – it worked for me!! I passed my test!”


So, if you’re looking for a natural solution to driving test nerves, rescue remedy would be the way to go. However, if you think that your nerves are too much and you need more than this natural remedy, read our post about beta blockers for your driving test.