Bike Theft in Leeds

bike stolen in leeds

A keen cyclist has spoken about how his £1,700 bike was stolen in broad daylight, when he was laying injured in the road following a collision with a 4×4.


55 year old Shane Fitzsimons from Bramley, Leeds was making his way to the shopping centre when he was knocked out by a Mitsubishi Pajero on Broadlea Hill, Bramley – after the car had lost it’s lane discipline. As Shane lay unconscious in the road, his mountain bike was stolen, even though there were a witnesses stopped to help.


Drifting in and out of consciousness, Shane recalled ‘I saw a guy on the bike riding off, I was in so much shock I didn’t say anything.’ Shane hit his head on the windscreen of the vehicle, breaking his helmet and knocking him unconscious. The accident also caused a broken arm, wrist, collar bone and rib. Shane has also had to take time off from his advertising job due to the accident.


The driver of the Mitsubishi was shaken up after the accident, but is now taking some rehabilitation driving lessons in Leeds.


Even after being given names of potential suspects, police have still not found the thief who is thought to still be in the Broadleas estate area. Unfortunately, CCTV evidence was not sufficient in identifying the man.


The stolen bicycle is a Saracen Ariel 161 mountain bike, featuring black Superstar handlebars, a blue clamp and Uberbike Components blue gear cables.

Anyone with any information should call the NPT via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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