Drivers Breaking the Speed Limit

drivers speedingFive drivers have recently been caught speeding over 140mph. The two fastest, were caught doing speeds of 146mph and were both caught on the M25. The three other drivers were also speeding at over 140mph, with one reaching 145mph, another at 141mph and the other, 140mph. Paul Witters, a member of the AA said that “we need to find out what happened to these offenders as a message to others. We want to know if they were caught and prosecuted.”


Getting caught reaching these types of speeds may get you jail-time, as well as a hefty fine and a driving ban.

The worst speeders in 2014:
146mph Twice on the M25 (70mph limit)
145mph M6 Toll (70mph limit)
141mph A1 in Lincolnshire (70mph limit)
128mph A22 in West Sussex (30mph limit)
119mph M1 in Leicestershire (50mph limit)
112mph M20 in Maidstone (70mph limit)


The driver in Maidstone was fined and received a driving ban for his excessive speeding. he will now need to take his driving lessons in Maidstone again and also reapply for his driving license.


Witters continued, “these figures show that there is a need for stealth cameras, specifically on the M25.” An emergency stop is also virtually impossible at these speeds and can cause your car to skid and swerve uncontrollably, making accidents almost unavoidable.


Sarah Sillars, said: “Travelling at a speed of 140mph, you’re travelling at nearly two and a half miles per minute; at a speed like that, it’s impossible for an individual to react to anything that might happen in front of them.” Road users need to know their stopping distances and at 140mph, you wouldn’t be able to stop quickly enough to prevent any accident happening.


“Driving at inappropriate speeds can be the difference between getting home safely and ending up in a hospital, prison cell or even worse.”