how to get cheap car insurance

Cheap Car Insurance Guide

Here at driveJohnson’s, we know how to get cheaper car insurance, and we want to share it with you!

Car insurers judge you by some of the unlikeliest things. For example, insurers know that surgeons generally have more at fault accidents than any other professional – they also know that bank clerks have the fewest accidents! Also, Virgos had the highest rate for accidents last year and Pisces’ had the most convictions.


If you’re looking for car insurance you’re sure to be judged upon your age, sex, where you live, your job, where you park and what you drive. So you’re not in luck if you’re a young male surgeon, born in September, who drives a Porsche and lives in Huddersfield.


However, we’ve found a few ways you can beat the car insurers!


1) Use the right job title 

If you describe yourself as ‘kitchen staff’ rather than a ‘chef’ you can save on average £98. Also, “music teachers” pay £86 more than just “teachers” and “office managers” pay more than “office administrators”. “Builders” pay more than “brick layers”.

Essentially, if your job fits more than one job title, check your car insurance quote against all job titles and see the difference! Also, if you’re a full-time parent or are retired, check that box, rather than saying “unemployed” this could save you hundreds!


2) Add another, more experienced driver to your policy

It’s illegal to say that someone is the main driver is a car when they aren’t, but adding a named driver is legal and it can save you money! With their permission, add an advanced driver who has a clean driving history and a good no-claims history.


3) Get insured in advance

You can save £280 on average if you search for and get insured three weeks before your renewal date – rather than insuring yourself on the day. Always compare and switch your insurers, as figures have shown that almost 6million drivers accept their renewal fee without checking other insurers, costing them around £115 a year!


4) Get cash-back

Comparison sites make their money when you switch products through them, as they get a referral fee from the insurance company.

Topcashback offers up to £99 cash when you switch through them. So, compare prices and when you find the cheapest deal, head to Topcashback and see if you can get an even better deal by switching through them!


5) Pay your insurance up-front

Many insurers put interest charges on monthly payments, so if you can, pay it all up-front and you can save yourself some money.


6) Cut extras and increase your excess

Extras such as breakdown and windscreen cover add to the premium of your car insurance. Lots of extras to your insurance policy can cost you money, but as well as this, they may be already covered by things like your RAC membership. Check that you’re not paying for these extras already, before getting adding them to your policy.

Also, check how much excess there is on your policy – this is the amount you agree to pay should you get into an accident and need to make a claim. The lower your excess, the higher your premium is, so increase your excess and your insurance will be cheaper. Work out the maximum you can afford to pay and set your excess to that, an extra £50 to the excess can make all the difference.


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