Accident Preparation for Learners

We are aware that an accident can leave you feeling scattered and terrified, that’s why as a driving instructor it is important to know how to handle post accidents procedures. This article provides a 7 step guide on how to make the moments after an accident less stressful and how to deal with minor car damage such as Alloy wheel repair or body works

  1. Move to a safe area (if possible)
    If it is safe and possible you should move your vehicle away from further harm e.g. the hard shoulder of the road. However if it not possible to move your vehicle, make sure you turn your hazard lights on to warm other drivers. Make sure you are a safe distance away and out of harm’s way.
  2. Stop your Vehicle and get out
    Make sure your vehicle has come to a complete halt, turn off the engine, and put the hand break on. Take a few moments to get collected and catch your breath. Ensure it is safe to get out of the car before opening the door. Use any road safety item such as flares, warning triangles consider using them.
  3. Check on others involved
    If there are other parties are involved, i.e. drivers, passengers’ pedestrians etc. to make sure make sure no one is okay. Call 999 if anyone is injured and requires medical attention, even minor symptoms should be checked by health care professionals.
  4. Call the police to the scene
    Even minor accidents should be reported to the police as a police incident report can prove invaluable when dealing with insurance companies and third parties.
  5. Exchange details
    Details between the involved parties should be exchanged. i.e.:
    Names of all involved parties including passengers
    License plate number
    Insurance info
    Makes and models of vehicles involved
    Contact info of any eye witness
    Location of incident
    Names and information about responding police officers.
  6. Take Pictures of the Scene
    It is important to document the scene so take photos of the accident scene as they can help during claim process.
  7. Report Incident to your insurance company


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