The UK’s Most Dangerous Driving Routes

Everyone knows that some car accidents can’t be avoided for various reasons, but did you know that some car crashes only happen due to what road they are on? Some roads are a lot more dangerous than others. In 2012, 1,754 people were killed on single carriageways, which makes them more dangerous than motorways.

97% of single carriage (A Roads) were rated high risk, studies show, but 99% of motorways are rated low risk. Read below the most dangerous roads in the United Kingdom

10. A14 road that passes Driving Lessons Cambridge has proven quite a dangerous road with over 10 lorry accidents in the last year.
9. A5012 in Derbyshire
8. A682 between Lancashire and Yorkshire
7. A621 between Derbyshire and Sheffield
6. A530 between Shropshire and Cheshire
5. A285 in West Sussex
4. A6075 in Nottinghamshire
3. A54 between Cheshire and Derbyshire
2. A5004 in Derbyshire

Then the number one most Dangerous Road is the A588 in Lancashire. This road is claimed to have the most accidents due to the lack of lighting by the roads and the high speed limit, which is being brought down to 40 mph. The A588 is known to lack in the appropriate signs, warning people of specific things such as speed limits. Between 2011 and 2013, there were 45 fatal crashes and 569 serious crashes on the A588, adding up to £544 million in repairs, making this the most dangerous road in Britain.
If you ever find yourself travelling on any of these roads, whether you are just on it temporarily, or you are taking this road as your main route. You may need to consider driving at a low speed, to minimise the risk of you having an accident, as well as keeping your headlights on full brightness if you are driving down this road at night, just to ensure that you are safe whilst driving.

Where as some of the safest roads to drive on are reported to be in Northampton, Luton, Cambridge, Birmingham and Oxford, so if you live in these areas, you will not have to be so precautious when driving, even though you should be driving safely anyway! If you do ever require some assistance – these car provide competitive car body repairs in Milton Keynes and some of the areas mentioned above.

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