Test Caution signs

How to prepare for your theory test is something that many people ask us and our driving instructors. Theory tests take a lot of revision and practice if you wish to pass first time as the grade boundaries are so close to each other and every mark does count! Below are some quick tips on how to prepare for your theory test.

The Importance of Preparing for Your Theory Test

Although you can have as many attempts as you want at the theory test it does cost £25 each time to take the test. Also the waiting time can be up to 4 weeks in some towns/cities. If you keep failing the theory test through poor preparation, this can also knock your confidence when it comes to doing your test again. If you’re learning to drive whilst failing the theory this may even affect your performance in your driving lessons.

Highway Code

Knowing the Highway Code is crucial if you want to pass your theory test as these are the rules set by the UK government to ensure that animals, pedestrians, other drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists are safe when you are driving on the road. Make sure you have memorised the Highway Code before you sit your theory!

Traffic Signs

A great way of practicing and learning your road signs is by using our free theory test training (exclusive to driveJohnson’s pupils). Also,  asking family/friends to question on different road signs whilst you’re a passenger is another great way and also understand why they are there at the time.

Online Mock

We highly recommend that before you pay for your theory test and sit it, you take a couple of online mock theory tests so you can get used to what type of questions might come up when sitting the test. This should make you more confident when doing the test, boosting your confidence to pass!
Hazard Perception.

Take ID

When going to sit your test, ensure you have your provisional licence with you. You no longer need the paper part, so don’t worry if you can’t find that. Unfortunately if you don’t have your provisional licence with you – you will not be able to sit the test.

Tip from a past driveJohnson’s Pupil:

One of our pupil’s who recently passed their theory ‘Louise Hutchinson’ said the following

“I’m learning with Pete Thomas in  Nottingham at the moment and has was spending at least 1 hour of my 2 hour lessons questioning me on every possible road sign we approached. I started practising this with my mum/dad and it really helps.