Man being breathalysed by police

It is common knowledge that you should not drink and drive as it is against the law. But recently in Southampton, a student taking his driving lessons was caught drink driving with his instructor! Both the instructor and driver blew 100+ when the police breathalysed them both after there was a call about a road traffic accident. The legal limit to drink before driving is just 35mg of alcohol, which is equivalent to one shot of whiskey and nothing else. The student was released with no charge, whilst the instructor will appear in front of the courts at a later date.

Learner Driver Caught Drink Driving

We are proud to say that this wasn’t our driving instructor, this can give you reassurance that when you drive with driveJohnsons, your driving instructor will not be breaking the law as they are professional and experienced. Our driving instructors can reassure you that when you chose us to teach you how to drive, you will not be under the influence of alcohol and neither will your instructor. This is something that not every driving school can promise you!

If you wish to learn how to drive, you should be accompanied by someone with at least 3 years with a drivers licence, this is for reassurance that the person you are being taught by is experienced and knows how to drive properly. We can also reassure you that under any circumstances you will not be drunk driving with your instructor!

If you wish to become a driving instructor, you must be experienced, professional and a passion for helping other people. Here at driveJohnsons, all our driving instructors should be either grade 5 or 6, ensuring that all our pupils have the highest chance of passing first time with your expertise. If this suits you, call our office today on to find out more information on how you can become a driving instructor in your area whether it be in Northampton or anywhere else in the UK.