It’s become standard procedure when you pass your driving test to buy a banger, run around in it for 2-3 years and build up your no claims bonus then buy a newer car when you haven’t got any claims, you’re older and earning more money.

But what if you have a serious accident? What would your chances of survival be compared to a new car?

The Daily Mail published an article showing the differences between a 1997 Rover Metro and the new Honda Jazz and the chances of injury/survival.

Now we are not promoting everyone should get finance and buy a new car, just giving you some food for thought.

Anthony Johnson (owner of driveJohnson’s) said the following, “if parents are buying their child their first car and they can afford to go new, I would definitely recommend it for the safety reasons. If it was my daughter I would ensure they have a black box for insurance purposes and I would make sure she’s giving me lifts now and again to keep tabs on her driving style.”

Watch the video here and see the difference in safety:

For the full article on the 1997 car Vs 2017 car crash test, visit the Daily Mail.

Anthony’s top 3 things to look out for

Following other vehicles too close. There’s no benefit, reduces your view ahead and if you hit the person in front from behind, it’s your fault. Know your stopping distances!

– Approach speed to hazards/junctions. Braking early and progressively is vital so it warns road users behind you of your intentions, giving you more time to assess/plan the approach to the hazard/junction. Many learners and new drivers aren’t thinking “what if?” on the approach to things like bends where the view is restricted, only to come round the bend and not be ready for an immediate hazard.

– General lane position and correct use of MSPSL for changing lanes/overtaking. Many learners learn when to check the mirrors for a test but don’t buy into the reasons. Sometimes that’s the instructor’s fault and sometimes it’s the pupils attitude to driving and not fully comprehending the consequences. It’s essential to check the mirrors early and in good time before changing direction, slowing down, increasing speed and for potential developing hazards. Many learners do it too late and luckily get away with it. If you’re driving for 50-60 years like this, at some point something will be there and there will be no or little time to react to what you have seen in the mirrors.

Sourcing a new car when you pass

Jack Forster who is taking his driving lessons in Hounslow with one of our instructors said “I’ve just sourced myself a car for £99 a month from a car contract hire company. I have to pay 3 months upfront and i’ve got the car for 2 years. It’s an affordable way of sourcing a new car if you have a full time job”.

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