For many, the practical driving test is a milestone and key achievement for so many young people in the UK. It really does represent freedom for most teenagers. However, come December 2017, the practical driving test is changing, so if you are taking your driving lessons, you may have to alter your training to accommodate the new introductions.

driveJohnson’s covers a number of locations across the UK, providing driving lessons in Barking, Chingford, Dagenham and a host of locations throughout London and the UK.

Fortunately, the director of driveJohnson’s is a grade A 51/51 driving instructor himself. This allows us to really stay ahead of the game and give our students the best possible chance of passing first time.

practical driving test changing

The Key Points From The Old Practical Test

For most people that have passed their driving test, they will have completed the following points during their practical exam.

  • 10 minutes of independent driving (no assistance from the examiner, unless in extreme cases)
  • The examiner would have asked you to follow specific road signs (these are usually for specific areas)
  • Option of a variety of driving manoeuvres (turn in the road, bay park, parallel park or reverse around a corner)
  • The examiner will ask you a series of questions relating to your vehicle

All of the above are some of the most obvious points that a typical practical driving test would have included. However, that is about to change for many driving instructors in the UK, whether they are completing driving lessons in Dartford or even any intensive driving lessons in Grays or Greenford.

As of the 4th December 2017 – the practical driving test will have the following changes implemented.

  • Independent driving will make an increase, going from 10 minutes to 20.
  • Pupils will be asked to follow directions on a satnav as an alternative to following the directions from the examiner. The examiner will decide on the day of the test – if the pupil needs to follow a satnav, the examiner will provide one.
  • The “reverse around a corner” manoeuvre will be replaced with more “real life” scenarios.
  • Examiners will ask the pupil safety questions while driving such as “how do you use the rear heated screen?”

Areas of the Test Staying the Same

Despite these subtle changes, there are many areas of the practical driving test that will be remaining the same. For example, these changes will only be introduced for car driving tests only. Additional categories for trailer training will remain the same until further notice.

Driving school pupils can expect to see the following points maintained within the practical examination.

  • Practical driving test fees will remain the same. (£45.50 – Weekdays and £62.50 – Evenings and Weekends)
  • The overall time taken to complete a driving test will stay the same. A practical driving test takes between 40 and 45 minutes.
  • Pass/Fail marks will remain the same. Pupils currently cannot exceed 15 minor faults or receive any major faults.

All of the driveJohnson’s instructors complete driving lessons in London to an exceptionally high standard. We ensure that every pupil is treated equally and has the best environment to learn in, making sure that they are taught how to drive – not to simply pass their driving test.

We are always looking for new instructors to join our team. Whether you join our driving instructor franchise or complete a driving instructor training course – contact us directly for further details.