Whether it be pink, green, stuck in an old wallet or even long forgotten down the rear of your sofa – a driving licence is something that many people hold in the UK and with driving figures set to increase those figures will only get larger.

However, have you ever considered the DVLA and the entire practice of driving licence printing sexist? No, neither did we. However, there are a small minority of people in the UK that have taken this one step further.

We look into the printing of driving licences here in the UK and how they could even be slightly considered as sexist.

What’s The Difference in Licences?

You may or may not know that not everyone gets the same driving licence. When you start to learn how to drive, for example if you were taking your driving lessons Basildon with a local instructor you would have a pink licence.

This driving licence is known as a provisional driving licence. In order to learn to drive, the pupil must have a valid and legal provisional driving licence. Without it, no driving lessons can commence.

Once you have completed your driving lessons Islington with your chosen driving school you will receive a new driving licence. This is subject to passing the UK practical driving test. The licence you receive will now be green and this is a full UK driving licence.

How Can The DVLA Be Considered Sexist?

As standard – men do not have any specific titles printed on their driving licences unless they are honorific. These can include doctors, reverends and others.

However, women do have their titles printed on their licences. In most cases, the traditional titles that are printed include Mrs, Miss and Ms causing a mass outrage and multiple accusations that the DVLA is in fact sexist.

In our eyes, we can see why people are getting a little upset – it would make perfect sense for every driving licence to print titles, no matter what gender.

We can provide driving lessons Dartford with our driving school no matter what licence you have. As long as it is legal and valid, we can arrange for one of our ADI’s to help you towards passing your driving test.

Some people assume that driving licences are different for ADI’s. However, we have a number of instructors that provide driving lessons Leicester on both the green (fully qualified ADI) and pink (trainee driving instructor).