How To Get More Pupils

So exactly what is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is a style of driving tuition that is taught over a shorter period of time to help aid the learner and allow them to get to a test standard far quicker.

Traditionally, a new driver will need to have at list 40 hours of driving lessons Preston as well as 20 additional private driving lessons. Of course, different people learn at different rates so that figure will be higher for some and lower for others.

How Do I Know If an Intensive Driving Course is Best?

Unfortunately, intensive driving courses aren’t suited to everyone. However, if you’re able to get to grips with learning to drive quickly, then it may not be a bad idea to consider.

Many schools that provide driving lessons in Enfield and London, tend to offer discounted assessment lessons. These assessments aren’t like your traditional driving lessons, but they allow your instructors to assess your current driving ability.

If they feel that you have been able to adapt quickly to a driving environment, then they may suggest that you make a block booking or enrol on an intensive driving course.

In some cases, previous students that have learnt to drive with an intensive course, have found themselves test ready in as little as 2 weeks!

Prepare for Driving Test

Preparation Is Key And Shouldn’t Be Neglected

If you want to pass your driving test quickly, then there are a few more things that you can do before you start to learn to drive with an instructor.

Obviously, you will need to have your provisional driving licence and insurance if you intend on learning to drive a vehicle in your own time with someone that has the required experience to supervise you.

If you do intend on practising in your own time, we suggest that you have a few driving lessons with a recognised instructor first.

Once you have had at least 10 consistent lessons, then you’re more than welcome to start practising in your own time. Of course – all of this is only advised, however, we seriously suggest that you take it into consideration.

If you’re going to start and intensive driving course, make sure that you have successfully completed your theory training before your first driving lesson.

The theory training will significantly help you have a better understanding of the road, and you will not have to wait weeks on end for a spot once you are ready to take your practical test.

Without a pass on your theory training – you’re not taking your practical exam.

Do Intensive Courses Really Work?

To keep it short and straight to the point – yes.

However, there are a number of contributing factors that come into play for it all to work smoothly.

For example; having a driving instructor in Slough that you don’t necessarily get along with could harm your chances of making progress during the course.

For this reason, here at driveJohnson’s we always advise that you take advantage of an assessment lesson prior to booking a large intensive course.

Here are a few testimonials for some of our most recent pupils that have taken part in an intensive driving course.

Dele Alli – Tottenham Hotspur“I came to driveJohnson’s after I failed with another company. I learnt with ‘Anthony’ and in just 6 hours I took my test and passed with 1 minor fault. Anthony’s teaching was next level to anything I experienced before. Thanks.”

Brendan Galloway – Everton FC“I can’t believe I passed first time, on top of that as quickly as I did. I can’t thank Hiram enough, he made the lessons fun, enjoyable and every lesson I learnt something new.”

Vicky Nichols“I passed first time after all of Lyn’s help, I had 15 hours and was passed just after my 17th birthday. I was really pleased with everything; including all the help driveJohnson’s gave me with my theory. Thanks!”

Ian McLoughlin – MK Dons“I came to ‘Anthony’ for an assessment and he told me to book my test. Saw him for 10 lessons and it was job done. First time pass and 1 minor. Not going to lie, he was strict but that’s because he cares and his reputation is on the line.”

What Can I Expect from an Intensive Course?

When you’re learning to drive, the most important thing to remember is to have fun when you’re doing it. And that is exactly what every instructor on our books does.

We may be strict at times, but that’s only because we want the very best for our students and upcoming drivers. What kind of driving school would we be of we simply kept rolling through pupils and didn’t care about the quality of teaching that was behind each lesson?

Our reputation and 92% first time pass rate would quickly hit the floor and we would soon be running out of business.

So with that said you should expect your intensive driving lessons to be fun, engaging and most importantly of all safe.

Our instructors will book in weekly lessons to help you manage and get control of the vehicle that you are learning in. once that you have picked up the basics and your driving instructor is happy, you will move on to some more complicated exercises and you may even begin driving on the open road.

Once you have got a feel for the car and your ability has improved – you will start to learn the driving manoeuvres that may crop up on your driving test. It’s important to remember that any one of these could be what appears on your test, so it’s important to learn them all and to an exceptional standard.

No matter what your location, your driving instructor will also help you understand how the car works, pointing out important pieces of information “under the hood” so you know how to answer and maintain your vehicle correctly.