Keeping up your car maintenance is a tedious task, and we are all guilty of ignoring the odd light that pops up or a strange sound in the hope that it will resolve itself. However, it is important to spend some time when needed on car care as of course; we want our car to last as long as possible with as little problems.

Why Is Car Care Important?

It is thought that nowadays cars on average last with each owner for longer than in the past. When you purchase a car, you think long term, but unfortunately, this can only be successful if you look after your car well. There are several different car care mistakes that we make without even realising; some are small things that can easily slip your mind. Thankfully, we have devised a helpful list of the most common mistakes drivers make when it comes to car maintenance.

Tyre Pressure

Many people think that tyres only need to be checked when the issue of a suspected flat tyre arises, but in reality, tyres should be checked regularly. Although your tyres may look fully inflated, they may actually be below the minimum amount. Driving with low tyre pressure can lead to a number of issues, some of which are weakened tyres, overheating and increased fuel consumption. It is particularly important to check tyre pressure regularly when you are approaching the colder months because, the colder the weather, the more air pressure your tyres will lose. It can sometimes be hard to know the accurate pressure your tyres need to be, so KwikFit has a useful tool that allows you to search for the correct amount by submitting your number plate.

checking tyre pressure

Engine Light

When an extra symbol lights up on your dashboard what is your first thought? Is it, “I need to look into this right away” or is it “I’m busy at the moment, I’ll look at it later”? For many people, the second answer would be your choice, which is understandable but the issue comes when it gets forgotten about, in particular, the engine light. The longer you leave your engine light, the more severe the issue gets, which means the higher the expenses of repair costs. If you take your car to a mechanic as soon as the light pops up, it will most likely take a small amount of time to fox the issue at an affordable cost. The moral of the story is, the quicker you get your engine light seen to, the more time and money you will save yourself.

Oil Changes

Although cars can go longer without an oil change than they previously could, it is recommended that you do an oil change in your car every 5,000 miles that you drive. If oil is left in the engine for too long, it can slowly start to damage the engine’s parts rather than cooling them down. The oil will build up causing a sludge blocking up the engine parts, which causes serious problems in the future.

If you regularly drive in traffic and your car experiences frequent stopping and starting, you are more likely to have a build up of sludge. For example, we have many London based instructors who teach in areas such as Mill Hill meaning that they spend a lot of time stuck in busy traffic in London rush hour. This means that to keep their car in working condition, they tend to change their oil a little more often after every 3,000 miles.

filling up oil in car

Air Filter

Changing your air filter is a maintenance job that can be done at home in little time and should be done around four times a year. It is an easy and cheap job, but this often means that it is seen as less important and forgotten about. When you turn your heating or air-con on, outside air is used to either warm up or cool down your car. This means that along with air flowing through your car, you are also getting all of the dust, dirt and debris from outside also flowing through. Your air filter stops all of this getting into your car, but without regular changes, it will become clogged up and affect you and the overall performance of your car. Purchasing a new air filter is a relatively cheap investment, similar to the tool mentioned in the tyre pressure section, Euro Car Parts also allow you to find the correct filter for your car through searching using your number plate.

Windscreen Wipers

Your windscreen wipers are an essential aspect of keeping you safe in all weather conditions, without them visibility would be almost impossible in weathers such as rain and snow. Going through many different weather conditions means that wear and tear are going to occur at some point, whether they start to tear or crack. As soon as notice that your windscreen wipers are not clearing your windscreen as well as they should, it is recommended to replace them. New windscreen wipers can be replaced at home, but if you would rather get a professional to fit them for you, Halfords provide wiper-fitting services for as little as £4 to fit a pair old wipers.



When the wait is long to see a mechanic, or you are unable to fit in time to visit a garage in your busy schedule, it can become an easy option just to fix the problem at home and do a DIY car job. Many people are more than capable of fixing certain aspects of their alone. But unless you have full knowledge on exactly how to do the job and have the right experience, then it can become easy to make mistakes. If you are unsure at all about an issue with your car or suspect you need something fixed, then it is much better to visit a mechanic rather than potentially causing yourself more future problems.


We would all love to keep our car in the best condition possible for as long as we can. Many of us rely on our car every day and would be lost without it, as well as many people like a driving instructor who rely on their car for their livelihood. With regular maintenance this should be an easy task, although it can seem like a hassle, in the beginning, replacing parts as soon as they become an issue will save you both time and money in the long run.