As we start to ease ourselves into the New Year, there are many different aspects of our day-to-day life that we promise ourselves we will improve. There is a whole host of popular new years resolutions that we hear people discussing year after year, but have you ever considered focusing on improving your driving? Looking into how to make yourself a safer driver?

What Are The Top New Years Resolutions?

As a whole, the majority of people are very safe drivers; they are aware of their surroundings and how to make sure that everyone in the car and outside are not at risk. Growing confidence while driving often comes with tiny things that you let slide, things that you think wouldn’t matter. So even if you think that your driving is perfect, why not take a look at these driving new years resolutions?

Avoid All Distractions

A popular driving related new years resolution is to become a more focused driver. Although everyone likes to say they do not get distracted, sometimes it is very easy for your attention to move elsewhere, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. One of the biggest distractions that we are all aware of is a mobile phone, even more so due to the fact that it is against the law. The simplest, yet most effective way to guarantee that you do not go near your phone is to put it away in a bag or away from your reach. Put it on silent or ‘do not disturb’ so you do not get distracted by alert sounds. Even when using a hands-free device, only use a mobile phone in emergencies when you are pulled over in a safe place.

Another common distraction, which may sound a little strange, is eating while driving. It is complicated to find a way to eat using no hands, which means that you will see yourself driving with just one hand. This can cause a problem in the case of emergencies.

Lastly, as hard as it may be, don’t let passengers distract you while you are driving. The odd “look at this” or “look at me” can wait until you have arrived at your destination, nothing is that important to rick the lives of both you and your passengers.

man drinking coffee and on phone whilst driving

Save Money On Fuel

Fuel for your car does start to eat your money, and it is an expense that sometimes we do not realise is costing so much until we look at our bank account in shock. A widespread new years resolution is to start saving money, so whether you have a small or larger engine, there are a few quick tips that can help you save on fuel.

The most significant way to save on fuel usage is to take fewer trips, which may sound obvious but even saving the smallest trips can help. Try to go everywhere or do everything you need to do in one slightly more extended trip, rather than several short trips. Stopping and starting several times surprisingly uses a lot more fuel than driving longer at a steady pace. If you know you need to pick up some essentials from the shop, why not find a shop that is, for example, on the way to work?

The idea of fuel usage being higher with excessive stopping and starting also applies to driving in rush hour. If you can avoid it, try not to drive at times where you know you will be stuck in traffic for a huge chunk of your journey. This can be hard and may seem unavoidable when you work hours such as 9-5, but if you do want to save fuel, try leaving a little early, so you skip the traffic.

Be A Calmer Driver

Many people decide as a whole their new year’s resolution is to become a better, calmer and more tranquil person, and this can also apply to driving. Everyone suffers from a little bit of road rage, whether it is frequently or just now and again, even if you are an experienced driver or a learner taking driving lessons. An easy way to avoid this is to think of the fact that although a driver has done something to frustrate you, it is unlikely that you will ever see them again, so they are not worth getting to you. There is no way to change what the other driver has done, and there isn’t a way to improve the way they drive, focus on your driving and how you can ensure that you are never that person.

Another aspect of keeping calm is to be patient when dealing with learners. We spoke to our very own Greg Zatyracz, who is a driving instructor in Maidstone about this issue. He said that his biggest dislike is “drivers who disrespect learners on the road, as they have forgotten how challenging is to learn how to drive a car.”

For more tips on how to cope with stress while driving, take a look at this Holts helpful resource we have found!

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Car Care

We all want our car to last as long as it can, and we do not want to find ourselves in the event of a breakdown, so keeping up regular car maintenance is a great resolution to make. Essential tips to maintain a long lasting car is to do routines such as cleaning your car, never ignore any lights that pop up on your dashboard and to regularly check aspects such as tyre pressure. Each car is different, which means that the best way to research how to take the best care is to have a thorough read of your owner’s manual. Never put off booking in for your service and MOT, even if you worry that it could result in a high expense. Confused.com have a great tool that allows you to find the cheapest garage quotes for your particular car.

Resolutions Don’t Have To Be Limited To New Year!

There are many different things that you may consider making a new years resolution, but it is also essential to remember that resolutions can happen all year round. There is never a set time of the year that you are limited to making yourself a better driver. This applies even more to learner as you may have to wait until later on in the year to start taking lessons. Your resolution may be to make sure you will learn to be a safe driver!