Top Questions To Ask Your Driving Instructor

The great thing about the process of learning to drive is that all aspects are entirely down to you. The way you learn, where you learn, how often you take lessons and most importantly, who teaches you is based on your personal preferences. A driving instructors main priority is to ensure that you pass your test in as little time as possible as a safe driver. To guarantee that you achieve these results, the process starts with finding the best driving instructor suited to you, so here are our top questions to ask!

What Are Our Top Questions?

Not only is it important to ask questions to find a little more information about your potential driving instructor, but asking questions can also be very useful throughout the entire learning to drive process. Out of everyone that you may come across, your driving instructor will be the most knowledgeable source of information about learning to drive. An experienced driving instructor would have taught a vast range of different people, all of which have their own way of learning meaning will have a whole host of great tips.

We asked Dave Russo who teaches in Maidstone what common questions pupils ask him, here is his response:
“After teaching for over six years, I have been asked a whole host of questions. The most popular question is what is the first time pass rate in this area, along with how many driving lessons do I need.”

We have devised a list of key questions for both learners looking for an instructor and learners in the lead up to their test.

Questions When Looking For An Instructor

How Long Have You Been In The Industry For?

Years of experience in the job role doesn’t always mean that instructors will necessarily be better than those who are newer to the role, but it does give a good indication that they must be doing something right. A driving instructor can only continue their job if they have people to teach, so if they had continuous bad results, then they would slowly run out of business. On the other hand, newer instructors have fresher information on teaching techniques; they have newly qualified so all information is still fresh in their mind.

What Are Your Pass Rate Statistics?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will find an instructor with a pass rate of 95-100%, due to the fact that in some cases, events occur during tests that are unpredictable and unstoppable. It is thought that around four in ten people take more than one attempt to pass their practical test, which isn’t a bad thing. Of course, you want a driving instructor to have a high pass rate as it is a real insight into how well they teach. If pass rates are something that concerns you, Driving Test Tips allows you to search for the pass rates of your local test centre.

Do You Have Knowledge Of Test Routes?

Aside from the more straightforward questions, another useful question to ask a driving instructor is how well they know the test routes. Your practical test will be taken in your local area, so if you can find an instructor who has experience teaching in these particular areas they can make you aware of certain curveballs that often lead to a major in driving tests. In most cases, each test route has places that you are taken to that will be used to test how well you can deal with driving situations. If you have been walked through test routes prior to your test, you will know what to expect and how to deal with tricky situations successfully.

Questions When Approaching Your Test

Where Is There Room For Improvements?

One of the best pieces of advice that you could be given when learning to drive is not to take criticism to heart and always see it as constructive, a learning curve. Driving isn’t an easy skill to learn, and you will do things wrong, so always use every piece of information to improve your driving. Your driving instructor is the most useful source of information so through asking them what you can improve on; they can help to find ways to make this happen.

What Aspects Am I Doing Well In?

Confidence is one of the key skills to driving; if you are confident in what you are doing, then you are more likely to stay calm and approach situations in the best way. Although constructive criticism is great, compliments and reminders on what aspects you are doing well are just as important. It shows you how well you have progressed and reassured you that you are on the right track to passing your test.

Am I Able To Do A Mock Test?

Giving yourself an insight into what to expect in a driving test is vital because it will be very different to what you are used to in driving lessons. The key to a successful practical test is to stay calm, and if you are aware of how to manage each aspect of the test, then this will be a lot more manageable. Your examiner will take a very different approach to what you would have been used to with your driving instructor. They will not be chatty or give you any help or guidance, so it is recommended to ask your instructor to take this approach in a lesson. Another aspect of your test that will be unfamiliar is the ‘show me, tell me’ questions. This should play a part in your mock test, and when approaching your test, it is more than likely that your instructor will go through each question with you. Walking into your test with no knowledge of these questions means you will be faced with an automatic minor. 1Drive is a useful tool in which you can find all questions along with answers and videos.

Unfortunately, not all areas have a local test centre, so you may have to travel a little further to take your mock tests. For example, as a company, we have had many learners taking their driving lessons in Ilford. However, it’s imperative as you approach your driving test to take your lessons and do a mock test in test centre area which you are taking the test in. The nearest test centre to Ilford is Goodmayes, so our driving instructor will go through Goodmayes test routes to prepare you for your test.

Being asked a huge list of different questions will be a part of the job that all driving instructors will be more than used to. Their main responsibility is to educate and with education comes a whole host of questions. Don’t be embarrassed or worried to ask questions, no matter how irrelevant or straightforward it may seem, if it helps to further your learning then it is important. If you have an experienced instructor, then it is more than likely that they would have heard people ask it before.

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