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Global brand Bosch are calling for driverless vehicles to be added to the UK driving test, in the hope that it will encourage more drivers to understand the technology behind automated vehicles.

Why Add Driverless Vehicles To The UK Driving Test?

Bosch are known for their expert engineering and evolutionary electronics but are now hoping to enter into a new field – driverless vehicles.

After recent reports stated that there was a poor understanding regarding driverless vehicles, Bosch took it upon themselves to change this and ensure that the public became better informed.

Initial research into the public’s current level of knowledge on driverless vehicles uncovered the following statistics:

  • 46% of people did not trust the technology behind driverless vehicles
  • 66% of people did not find self-driving capabilities an attractive trait when searching for a new car
  • Only 31% of people would consider an automated vehicle

Research also proved that human errors cause 90% of accidents on the road, so Bosch argues that by encouraging more drivers to consider the route of driverless vehicles, the number of accidents will be dramatically reduced. All they will need to do now is try to win the public over and clear up any confusion regarding the subject.

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Bosch’s Plan To Introduce Driverless Vehicles

The first of Bosch’s recommendations was for the Government to invest more money into creating campaigns filled with courses, programmes and experience days to help introduce the public to the world of automated vehicles. Through offering the public initiatives such as vehicle safety awareness courses and giving them the chance to experience driverless technology first-hand, Bosch hopes that they be able to build more trust and confidence.

The second recommendation, and most relevant to us, would be for automated driving to be added to the UK driving test. At first, this news had everyone a little confused, what would be the point of having a driving test if you’ll be tested in a driverless vehicle? Well, rather than being tested in the vehicle, it’ll more be testing on theory-based topics – for example, the different levels of automation, the vehicle capabilities and how to safely communicate with the vehicle in an emergency.

We spoke one of our driving instructors, Ken Cross who teaches driving lessons in Maidstone about how he would feel teaching pupils about driverless vehicles:
“At first I was sceptical about the talks of adding driverless cars to our driving test, but I think that’s because I’m just like everyone else, unsure about what the fuss is really about. My job is to make sure my pupils are ready for anything they may be faced with in the driving world, and that now includes all of the new technology. I do think it’ll take a while to get used to, but the more I read into it, the more I think it’ll be really beneficial!”

For full information on the Bosch driverless vehicles report and research statistics, head over to Fleet News.

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