Every month, each member of the bookings team in the office chooses their favourite online review about our mighty instructors. We put all of the names into a hat and draw an overall winner. The winner gets a good pat on the back and £50 transferred to their account as a thank you for their hard work and commitment to their pupils.

The nominated instructors

  1. Ashleigh Simpson – providing driving lessons in Scarborough
  2. Florin Toma – providing driving lessons in Harrow and surrounding areas
  3. Paul Reilly – providing driving lessons in Leicester
  4. Greg Zatyracz – providing driving lessons in Maidstone
  5. Trevor Joy – providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes
  6. Ben Hampson – providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes

Congratulations to Greg Zatyracz from Maidstone! You are our December 2018 winner!

Here’s what our office staff say about Greg

Ashleigh Appleton

Greg has always been a kind and friendly man and is a very valued member of the DJ team. He deserves the recognition of being a great instructor and an all round great person. Thank you for all your continued help and support. Well done, Greg.

Chantelle Deveney

Greg is such a hard working instructor and a massive credit to us all at driveJohnson’s. I’m sure that he brightens up his learners’ days as much as he does ours. You could not ask for a more dedicated and enthusiastic character!

Danielle Dobson

Greg will always do his best to help out when we are stuck. Phone calls with Greg are always a pleasure.

Nina Dyer

Greg has always been a pleasure to talk to, very friendly and polite. Well done, Greg.

Aimie Brown

Thank you for all of your hard work and for always helping us out at the office – you are a superstar!
Your pupils love you and so do we 😁

Elaine Parker

Congratulations Greg! You’re always so friendly and your kindness makes people feel comfortable around you :) Keep up the great work.

Toni Catling

Whoop whoop! Congratulations! Super-duper proud of you. Greg, we love you. You are the kindest gent ever! You work so hard and are always smiling. Please continue to be you, keeping your pupils happy and getting no complaints. You’re helping us in the office just by being you! :D Also you have the cutest eyes, they make me weak at the knees. Hehe! Thank you for making our days bright and joyful.

Anthony Johnson

I remember meeting Greg for the first time, over 5 years ago now. He was our first instructor for Maidstone and he’s really helped us build a strong reputation in the area.

On a personal level, he’s a lovely, trustworthy man, passionate about providing a good and honourable service.