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New ‘Yellow Vulture’ speed cameras include precision technology capable of catching drivers on the phone, smoking, eating and even without a seatbelt on!

New LED Precision Speed Cameras Fitted Across The UK

Using state of the art infrared equipment, manufacturers have created brand new LED precision speed cameras which are now actively being fitted across the UK.

The ‘Yellow Vultures’, as the speed cameras have been named, are significantly less noticeable than your average speed camera. Despite their name, the Yellow Vultures are, in fact, not yellow. Instead, they are black in colour, discrete and unrecognisable to passers-by.

Each camera will be placed a minimum of 200 metres apart from each other meaning that if you spot one, it is almost certain that there are plenty more to come. The set of cameras are each syncronised to pick up a sequence of footage for each vehicle that goes past, allowing numberplates to be picked up considerably easier. Using the series of captured footage, cameras can calculate the average speed of drivers and detect as precisely as 1mph over the speed limit.

As there will now be a set of cameras evenly spread apart rather than just one, drivers can no longer get away with slowing down just to pass the speed camera and then speeding back up again. Police have already stated that they are going to use the new technology to their advantage and nail down on lawbreakers; fines will be given to every driver caught.

Not only are the LED precision speed cameras useful for spotting speeders, but also those who smoke, eat, drink or use their phone while driving. Although smoking, eating and drinking while behind the wheel are not illegal offences, police officers are still within their right to prosecute you. If one of these actions cause you to become distracted and you lose control, you can be prosecuted for careless driving.

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Photo credit to The Daily Mail.

Where Are The Cameras Being Used?

So far, the ‘Yellow Vultures’ have mainly been used in areas based in the South of England such as Essex and Devon. We took the time to speak to one of our driving instructors in Basildon about the new changes; this is what they had to say:
“Over my many years of teaching, I have found that the whole concept of speeding is taken very light-heartedly and even new drivers don’t seem to be worried about being caught. It’s time to bring the scare factor into speeding, which is exactly what these speed cameras will do. I’m feeling hopeful that they’ll work effectively!”