Ripped L Plate

An 18-year-old driver in Germany was so eager to get on the roads that he was caught speeding and lost his licence just 49 minutes after passing his driving test!

A Short-Lived Driving Licence…

Finally getting your well-awaited driving licence is a milestone achievement and it’s understandable that you’d be eager to celebrate, but don’t make the same mistake this German teenager made.

After passing his test, this excited driver didn’t wait around to take his friends out for a spin. In less than just one hour after passing, he was caught by the local police driving an outstanding 60mph in a 30 zone!

Police officers on patrol in Hemer, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, managed to spot the driver using a laser speed gun and immediately pulled him over for questioning. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, he was given an automatic formal driving ban which will last for at least four weeks, but has been warned that harsher punishments do await.

After the ban is complete, the only way that the driver will be allowed his licence back is if he undergoes strict retraining to prove that he will remain a safe driver who sticks to the law. All additional lessons required to restore his licence will have to be paid by the driver, and he will have to keep paying for more until authorities are happy with his progress. If he passes the test, the consequences do not end there. He will get an automatic two points on his licence, will have an extended four-year probationary period and be given a fine worth £178.

Even the police department couldn’t take this hopeless driver seriously, later posting on social media with the caption, “Some things hold for enernity… some not even an hour.”

police social media

Although we’ve never had any pupils lose their licence that quickly, one of our driving instructors in Hull did have a similar experience in the past. Their pupil was a fantastic driver who passed the first time, but unfortunately, completely forgot to sort out their insurance after passing. After driving around for a week problem-free, the pupil was stopped by the police and after being asked for their insurance documents had a sudden ‘lightbulb moment’ and realised their mistake. He was initially told that he would lose his licence and the car was taken from him on the spot. However, thankfully, as the final verdict is police discretion, he was instead given a fine and strict warning.

Photo credit to Lad Bible.