Each month, the driveJohnson’s bookings team chooses their favourite review about our driving instructors. All the names get thrown into a hat and an overall winner is drawn out at random. The winner gets a good pat on the back and £50 in their bank account as a thank you for their hard work, dedication and commitment to their pupils.

The nominations for best review for January 2019

  1. Chris Adams – providing driving lessons in Stratford-upon-Avon – Samuel
  2. Amaar Mohammed – providing driving lessons in Northampton – Khaled
  3. Florin Toma – providing driving lessons in Harrow – Jack
  4. Laszlo Dioszegi – providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes – Lauren
  5. Nisha Parmar – providing driving lessons in Wembley – Naoki
  6. Natalie Redden – providing driving lessons in Colchester

Congratulations to Florin Toma! You are our January 2019 winner!

Florin is an international driving instructor, for that we mean he has held a licence to teach in Romania and now in England. For many of you reading this thinking the standard of driving in the UK is low, just speak to Florin and he can tickle you with a few stories about what goes down in Romania and how the UK driving standards and laws are considerably higher. Florin joined the company in 2016, he was recommended to join us by his dear friend Lazslo, who is also with driveJohnson’s.

If you’re looking for an upbeat, positive, enthusiastic instructor with zero complaints to his name then Florin may just be your man. He’s a top man and a top instructor!

Here’s what our office staff say about Florin


To be honest, I haven’t spoken lots with Florin. Some instructors will always call you to check in and others seem to get on with it. I would call him a ‘silent assassin’ – he never gets a complaint, works hard and well, communicates well with the office team and gets more pupil first time passes than I’ve had hot dinners. I’m glad we have him as part of the driveJohnson’s team.


Florin is a great instructor who has great rapour with his students. We have had nothing but positive feedback. Always polite and willing to help. Keep up the great work Florin.


Florin is great instructor, We don’t get complaints from any of his pupils and he is always on time for pupils lessons. Great Job Florin – Keep up the good work.


Florin is a kind instructor that always helps us out when he can! His pupils only ever provide us with good feedback, and always have positive things to say about their lessons with him – well done Florin!


Well done to Florin on winning the best review. You are a great instructor, not surprised that you have great feedback, always a pleasure to speak to. Keep up the great work.


Florin is always a polite and friendly instructor that goes the extra mile to help us out when possible. Im not surprised that his students continue to leave great reviews.


Florin is a great instructor, gets great reviews and well deserved recognition! keep up the good work :)