The driveJohnson’s office team chooses their favourite online review about our driving instructors each month and puts the instructor’s name into a hat. One is drawn out at random and the lucky winner gets a pat on the back and £50 put in their bank account as appreciation for their hard work and help growing the driveJohnson’s brand and reputation.

The February 2019 nominees are:

  1. Simon Trussell – providing driving lessons in Luton – Mark Box
  2. Nick Cooper – providing driving lessons in Bedford – Leon Hollis
  3. Muhammad Bilal – providing driving lessons in Blackburn – Peyton
  4. Ashley Simpson – providing driving lessons in Scarborough – Barney Hick
  5. Mohammed Nazam – providing driving lessons in Oldham – Mukhater Junaid
  6. Susanna Fox – providing driving lessons in Barnet – Megan Warner
  7. Rob Thomas – providing driving lessons in Wellingborough – Sam Davey

Congratulations to Susanna Fox! You are our February 2019 winner!

Susanna has been with driveJohnson’s since 2017, however she has been an instructor covering most of North London for over 10 years. Susanna is a happy go lucky lady that loves dogs – so that must make her caring right?

Going by her feedback her pupils certainly think and suggest that she is caring, always putting the pupil first.
Over the last few years Susanna has received over 50 positive reviews online with us feedback such as ‘Couldn’t have passed without her’ and ‘best instructor in the area’ are just a few snippets of what many of her pupils think of her.

It’s a pleasure to have you on board with driveJohnson’s Susanna and congratulations on your award!

Here’s what the office team say:


Susanna is such a lovely lady and great instructor, that is reflected in the constant good reviews her pupils leave weekly! I find her to be approachable and helpful someone that is easy to get on with….. which we all do very well. Thank you for being a pleasure to work with Susanna and for consistently making your students happy.


Susanna is a lovely instructor, she is friendly, kind and funny. She is always willing to help out with last minute covers for lessons or test and move her diary around. Great job – Thank you.


We all get on great with Susanna, she’s lively & enthusiastic and always a positive lady to be around! I’m very pleased that we get to work with her while she continues to constantly exceed in her work!


Well done Susanna, every month we see great reviews from your students! Both the office and your pupils have nothing but great things to say about you.


Well done to Susanna on winning the best review. Always lovely to speak to, a great instructor, patient reliable and an asset to your pupils and driveJohnsons. Keep up the great work.


Susanne Fox is a great instructor and a credit to DriveJohnsons – GIRL POWER!