Each month, the office staff chooses their favourite review about one of our instructors and enters the instructor’s name into a draw. The winner of the draw gets a pat on the back and £50 transferred into their account as a thank you for their help and dedication to their pupils.

The March 2019 nominations are:

  1. Simon Trussell – providing driving lessons in Hitchin – Mark
  2. Diane Ward – providing driving lessons in Goodmayes – Adam Smith
  3. Babar Raja – providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes – Robert Campbell
  4. Paul Houghton – providing driving lessons in Banbury – Jack White
  5. Graham Munro – providing driving lessons in Kettering
  6. Alex Folsom – providing driving lessons in Milton Keynes – David Meade

Congratulations to Alex Folsom! You are our March 2019 winner!

Alex has been with driveJohnson’s since 2015. Since then he has grown from strength to strength. Like all new instructors, they need many pupils when they first start out, however, the signs of a good instructor is when they need less pupils years on and that’s how Alex rolls now. He has many clients coming to him from recommendations now and this award is just a small reflection of the ongoing good work he is providing to his customers and clients taking their driving lessons in Milton Keynes.

Here’s what the office team say about Alex


Alex is a kind, funny and loveable instructor. Always wears a smile and happy to help everyone. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and i can understand why his pupils love learning with him. Those traits and his infectious laugh make him loved by us all. HE HE HE!


Alex is always bubbly and happy on the phone, We have never heard a bad word against him and he is highly recommended by his pupils. Keep up the great work Alex.


Alex definitely deserves recognition for being such an upbeat and positive instructor! I’m sure this is reflected through all of his lessons, and his learners must look forward to driving with Alex – I know I would! Well done to Alex, we love working with you!


Such a lovely and happy instructor! I can see why he would receive such positive and encouraging reviews. Keep up the great work Alex!


Well deserved winner of the month, always a pleasure to speak to. We can always rely on you when we are stuck and need help with pupils. Thank you for all your hard work.


Alex is an amazing instructor. Always smiling, super cute and very good at his job as an instructor.