It’s driveJohnson’s tradition each month to check out all of our positive reviews, then reward one of our mighty instructors with a little £50 Brucey Bonus as a thank you for the dedication and hard work they put in looking after their pupils.

It’s been a busy summer in the driveJohnson’s head quarters, hence the June reviews and reward has been posted at the same time as July’s in the video.

We will try our best not to slack on this again.

Congratulations to the wonderful Nick Bardell!

Nick has been with driveJohnson’s for around 1 year. He was actually recommended to us by a fellow instructor.

We do not have that many driving instructors covering the Huntingdon area, so we are extremely fortunate to have a quality one in Nick.

Nick Bardell Review Screenshot

Here’s what the office team say about Nick

Ashleigh: Well done Nick. Great result and well deserved. Always a pleasure talking to you!

Aimie: Great result Nick. Keep up the fantastic work and positive reviews coming in.

Chantelle: Hi Nick, very pleased for you about this. Always see your name popping up on the reviews – so glad you won it!

Zoe: Well done, Nick. Keep the flag flying high in Huntingdon. Yay!

Anthony: Great review Nick. Thank you for always serving your pupils well. Top man and great instructor.