It’s time for the much anticipated instructor review of the month! We had some great nominations this month, but there can only be one winner, and its’s safe to say this months winner is very well deserved.

Congratulations to Paul Reilly, covering Leicester and surrounding areas

Paul has been a driving instructor since 2014 and has taken like a duck to water. His passion for teaching and caring personality has made him an excellent driving instructor. Keep up the good work Paul!

Paul Reilly Review Screenshot

Here’s what the office team say about Paul

Anthony: Paul is definitely one of the most enthusiastic instructors I know which is refreshing and nice to see. We’ve been working together now for 2.5 years and in the time we have become friends too. Paul is keen to learn and improve all the time and welcomes any feedback which is excellent for anyone who wants to move forwards in life. I believe anyone learning to drive with Paul is very fortunate as he’s the type of guy that will always go the extra mile to help those that want to learn to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Overall, he’s a fantastic team player and I’m glad we have him on board the driveJohnson’s boat.

Charlie: Paul is a very keen and enthusiastic instructor, often receiving great feedback from his pupils – his name is often in the draw for the best review, so it’s great to see him win it! Being in IT, I don’t often hear from instructors unless something has gone wrong on a technology front, but Paul is often there to give feedback and share his ideas too in order to improve things. Well done, Paul – well deserved.

Ashleigh: Paul has always been recognised as very dedicated and professional instructor. The feed back from his pupils and the office staff is positive and everyone finds him to be a friendly and helpful instructor who takes great pride in being the best instructor he can be.

Chantelle: I’ve worked with Paul for a while now, he is always an absolute delight and communicates so well with the office team! He is very bubbly, enthusiastic and probably one of the most organised people that I have come across before – congratulations on the win Paul, well deserved!

Lauren: Paul Reilly is always a pleasure to talk to over the phone. I haven’t been at Drive Johnson’s for long but whenever he calls he always seems to be a lovely, chirpy guy and always willing to help :) I am looking forward to meeting him at our Christmas party.

Sarah: I haven’t worked here long, but every time i have spoken with Paul Reilly he has been the most loveliest guy to talk to. Always happy and a bubbly, genuine guy. He makes things very easy for us in the office and manages his pupils/calendar well.