Potential New Driving Laws 2020

Potential New Driving Laws 2020

Laws are put in place to maintain road safety, so going against the law can not only be life-threatening but can also have strict consequences. To make sure that you are aware of the new driving laws in 2020, here are just a few vital ones that you need to be mindful of.

Driving Laws 2020: Staying On The Right Side Of The Law

As one of the popular driving schools in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas, we often get students ask our instructors about the current and potential driving laws. You should make yourself aware of all of the driving laws before you head out onto the road as it is a vital part of road safety. As a new driver, you may have stricter laws being placed on you, your vehicle and your licence, so it is important to do your research on driving laws every now and then.

Graduated Driving Licence For New Drivers

Once you have passed your driving test and become the proud owner of a new car and driving licence, you will have to drive with caution as laws are stricter on those that have passed within the past two years. Certain offences such as speeding and using your mobile can result in harsher consequences than those that have been driving for a long time. For example, someone that has recently passed could lose their driving licence if found speeding, whereas someone that has been driving for, let’s say ten years, may receive points.

To make sure that the roads are even safer, 2020 may see an introduction of a ‘graduated’ driving licence. This driving licence restricts newly passed drivers on when they can drive, how they drive, and what type of car they can drive. The new licence will focus on the following areas:

  • Curfew – This curfew will be the time of day that you can drive, for example not in rush hour or from 10 pm to 6 am.
  • Passengers – The diving licence will restrict the number of passengers that you are allowed in the vehicle, this is to limit the level of distraction.
  • Speed – Lower speeds for newer drivers are also being considered to limit speed in order to avoid loss of control and collisions.
  • Engine Size – We already advise our students to buy cars with lower engine sizes as it helps with insurance as well as maintaining control of the vehicle. However, the new licence will limit the engine size that you can buy.
  • ‘P’ Plates – Although these are currently optional, they may become mandatory for up to two years.
  • Alcohol Limits – New drivers already face harsher penalties, but in the new year, they could also experience lower limits put in place specifically for drivers with only two years experience.

Northern Ireland already has stricter rules on newer drivers, and it is likely that these rules will be implemented in the UK during 2020. The new restrictions discussed above will also be piloted in Northern Ireland to see how successful they are, if so, then they will be implemented in the UK. You will be taught about driving laws and safety during your driving lessons, so be sure to book in your driving lessons in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas.

Driving Licence

Driving Permits

When Brexit eventually happens, there will be changes to driving permits as well as insurance. Once the UK leaves the EU, your license will still be 100% valid, and you are still able to drive your vehicle across the EU borders. You can find out more about the effects of Brexit on your licence by visiting Euro Tunnel Le Shuttle.

However, you will have to make sure that your vehicle is able to drive within Europe. For example, your insurance will no longer cover you and your vehicle once Brexit has been completed. If you are travelling to Europe via car, then you will have to carry out a motor insurance green card, you can do this by contacting your insurance provider at least one month before you plan on travelling. You can find out more about driving in the EU after Brexit by heading over to the official Government website.

There are other things that you will also need to plan for when travelling into Europe after Brexit. For example, you will now have to have a GB sticker on the back of any UK registered car.

Car With GB Sticker

Pavement Parking

During driving lessons in Barking and the surrounding areas, instructors will teach you how to park your vehicle safely when doing a park and reverse into a bay as well as parallel parking. When you pass your test, parking will be something that you do after every journey, so it is important to make sure that you perfect your parking safely. When you begin to park without your driving instructor giving your advice, you will have to make sure that you take note of parking surchargers. The RAC has been campaigning for some time to place stricter parking rules on drivers as well as parking companies.

The RAC wants 2020 to see new regulations that mean parking companies have to go through one appeal process, which will result in less excessive parking charges and charges in obscure locations. This will help to prevent parking charges being implemented in locations that result in drivers having to pay large sums on a daily basis. Furthermore, RAC has stated that parking on the pavement is causing collisions with pedestrians and drivers. Although parking on pavements is not illegal outside of London, it is highly inconsiderate, as pedestrians have to walk on the road to get around your vehicle. This is a new regulation that could see parking tickets being issued to drivers in 2020.

Paying For Parking

Low Emissions Rules

A law that has already recently been put in place by the government is the new low emissions rule implemented in London. As you may already be aware, London had a T-section whereby you had to pay a daily charge that increased depending on the type of vehicle you were driving. As of April 2019, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) came into effect in London. The aim of this is to cut down on the number of harmful emissions that are polluting the air in the capital city.

The charge for driving your vehicle in London starts from £12.50 a day and could rise up to £100 for the day depending on the vehicle you are driving. Diesel cars will have a higher charge to pay, as they let out more emissions than petrol vehicles. You can find out more about the ULEZ zone by taking a look at the Guardian’s all you need to know article.

Driving In London

Donating Organs

No one likes to think about having a fatal accident that results in the death of a loved one; unfortunately, this can be the result of careless driving by yourself or another road user. The current law states that if you have an organ donor card then in the event of sudden death caused by a car accident, your organs can be used to save lives. However, if you do not have an organ donor card, then your organs will not be used unless a family member requests otherwise.

In 2017, a young girl named Kiera was tragically killed in a car collision, her heart, liver and kidneys have saved the lives of four people, one of those being a young boy named Max. The heartbreaking story of the loss of this young girl has led the UK government to implement a new law named the Kiera and Max Law. This new law now means that unless your family state that they wish not to donate your organs, regardless of whether you have an organ donor card or not, your organs will be used to save the lives of others. It is important to know about this new law in the event of an accident, as it is an extremely personal choice what happens to a loved one once they pass.

Two Hands With Heart

Drive Safely Under The Law

As reputable driving schools in Barking and the surrounding areas, we know that laws are put in place to protect those on and off the road from tragic scenarios such as Keira’s. Make sure that you are aware of the driving rules and regulations and stay within the law at all times to maintain road safety.

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