M. Rafi Ameri

M. Rafi Ameri

M Rafi Ameri

Experience & About Me:

My name is M. Rafi Ameri. I just love to help people learn a new skill.

I am a qualified driving instructor for car since 2007. I also have past experience in LGV, PCV, PCO, IAM.

Favourite Quote:

“Never ever, ever give up!”

Memorable moment

Coming Soon


I like to meet new people and help them with their driving lessons.


Coming Soon

  • Position:

  • Qualified Grade A instructor for 10 years
  • Teaching Vehicle:

  • Toyota Yaris
  • Petrol
  • Automatic
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Average rating:  
 24 reviews
by Matt Walsh on M. Rafi Ameri

I really enjoy driving with Rafi! He’s a true professional and very calm and this gives me great confidence.

by Gabby on M. Rafi Ameri

I passed my driving test 1st time today with only 4 minors with Rafi's help. Rafi was my third driving instructor in the past year and half I've been doing my lesson, but he was the one that built the most confidence in me. If you're a very nervous driver (like me) Rafi's way of teaching is great as he's patient, he makes your feel relaxed and doesn't mind going over the same thing repeatedly to get it right. I was really nervous about my driving test but he went the extra mile by arranging his schedule to do early morning sessions and to have a final evening session the day before my driving test. His teaching method really sets you up for driving for life and I'm so happy to have had him as my driving instructor.

by SANDRO REMEDIOS on M. Rafi Ameri

Mr. Rafi is an instructor with loads of expreince and many commendable qualities, he is always clam,patient, punctual and the best quality of all is that he is a WONDERFUL person.

He is always ready to help in scheduling a class even on a short notice.
He pays close attention to all your faults during the lessons and ensures these are acted upon and rectified in the next lesson.
He helps you build your confidence and ensures you develop the "Never Give Up" attitude.

A shout out to all learners out there grab Rafi as you instructor and guarantee yourself a licence.

Thank you very much for helping me pass my test.

Sandro Remedios

by Moses on M. Rafi Ameri

Rafi throughout the course of my lessons was amazing and flawless. He was firm when he needed to be but was also a great teacher. He had constant faith in me and he was extremely dedicated. I had booked my test before my lessons and after doing a two hour assesment with Rafi he told me not to move my test and I would only need 10 hours. Any other company would have tried to give me more and more lessons to get more money out of me. But Rafi was honest and that is something I really. appreciate. Thanks to Rafi I passed first time with just two minors. I feel like I haven’t just got my Licence but I have also made a friend.

Thank you!

by Malak on M. Rafi Ameri

Rafi ameri is fantastic instructor ever and also has a pure lovely heart that you can trust .I remember the first time I met him I was in very bad situation in my life ,he gave me support and explained to me how to continue and move forward .he became a friend to me I can tell him what I feel and think .he teached me how to drive well ,safe and confident on the road.Thanks God I met him as I passed first time 2 minners and now I am looking for a first car to drive .

by Hassan on M. Rafi Ameri

I'm closer to 50 than I am to 20 so when I decided to finally take up driving this year I took that step with a modicum of trepidation. When I was assigned Rafi I had no idea what to expect but when we first met I could see that he was the consummate professional. He was attentive and very focused in absorbing my needs and foresaw a developmental path that even I couldn't see!
I signed up for an intensive course and , quite frankly, I was somewhat overwhelmed and was on the verge of giving up at the end of my first week, I genuinely wanted to call it a day. This is where Rafi's skills really shone through as he lifted me from the abyss and gave me the pep talk that I needed to carry on. He saw far beyond what I could see and he knew that I had it within me to achieve our mutual target.
You could do an awful lot worse by going to a different driving school, with professionals like Rafi in their ranks it's no wonder that there are so many satisfied customers. I can't recommend this man enough, highly skilled in his work and he will ALWAYS bring out the best in you

by Innocenti on M. Rafi Ameri

Mr. Rafi s observance and experience gives the extra benefit in getting through the First time .
Never ever give up is his motto and that actually worked on me thouroghly.

He’s punctual , communicative , and achiever , that’s a trade mark of this wonderful person .
Always ears too , and sighting various examples and roads to remember during the test while giving lessons .

The best in the business and I would very highly recommend Mr. Rafi , to anyone out there , who are a first timer or experienced . He will make sure , and will wants to get it pass the first time .
God bless Mr. Radio and keep up the good work .

by Divya on M. Rafi Ameri

M.Rafi is the best instructor one can hope for. I had quit learning to drive 4 times before I met Rafi. He instilled the confidence in me that I can do it. In the very first lesson he identified what my positives and negatives are and planned future lessons accordingly. He was very clear with his instructions and communication. He saw the areas of improvement in each lesson, made a note of it and helped me work on it. He was very thorough and organized. He was always on time to pick me up for the lesson and no time was wasted during the lesson. He has great mentoring and teaching skills. He is a very gifted teacher. He has a natural ability to make you feel at ease.
He prepares us very well to take the test. Videos, questions and helps practising a skill until we get it right.

I consider myself very lucky to have had an instructor like Rafi. He has been so calm and patient with me. He has taught me a life changing skill and I owe all that I have learnt to him.
I wish Rafi all the best in everything he takes up. I totally recommend him - especially for those who are not confident and are scared to drive.

by Olivia on M. Rafi Ameri

Rafi is an amazing, encouraging, calm and honest driving teacher. He was my sixth instructor and I was ready to give up driving before I started having lessons with him. He explains everything thoroughly and never lets you give up. Before I started learning with Rafi I was someone who dreaded driving lessons (and would regularly cry during them) but he turned this around. He was persistent and thorough, which resulted in me passing my test with only one minor. I cannot thank Rafi enough and would recommend him to anyone - especially nervous drivers.

by Sophia on M. Rafi Ameri

Rafi is an excellent teacher who will go the extra mile to help his students. With his great knowledge of driving, his professionalism and patience, Rafi pushed me to pass first time. I was extremely nervous when I first started to take lessons but Rafi was able to help build my confidence on the road. Extremely great full for the extra tips and videos Rafi sent me to help improve my driving.

I highly recommend Rafi as a driving instructor.

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