Paul Reilly - under the spotlight

Today we caught up with one very busy driving instructor in Leicester, Paul Reilly. Paul has been with the company since early 2017 and he's had zero complaints so far a lots of positive feedback from his pupils.

We wanted to catch up with Paul to find out what his secret recipe is for pleasing his clients and what makes him tick outside of his teaching life too.

Paul Reilly - driving instructor in Leicester

What’s life like at driveJohnson’s?

Life is busy! Busy is good! I am working with a great team who are working hard to keep me busy and get the guys and gals of Leicester tests passed and safe driving, one at a time.

What is your best moment as a driving instructor so far?

Toughy! It’s between a few things and I just can’t split them!

My first test pass – it was proof to me that I was doing this job right.

Then, three members of the same family all passed with me at the first attempt in that coming year. The dad called after the second sister had passed and said, “I want you to teach my son. Nobody but you is going to teach him.” This was an early indication that I was building a rock solid reputation.

Why did you become a driving instructor?

I was fed up of being a slave to someone else’s schedule and rules. I wanted to work as hard as I ever did, but for me!

What would you be doing if you wasn’t a driving instructor?

I’d teach Karate full time or be a comedian and after dinner speaker.

What is the scariest/trickiest moment you’ve had as an instructor?

After giving a client just one lesson, getting messages from her asking me to guarantee her 8 grand Wonga Loan, then a message a year later asking me to help fund her wedding!

Who do you look up to?

AJ and AJ!

Anthony Joshua: an example of how excellence can be achieved without acting like everybody else. Humble, hard working and thankful.

Anthony Johnson: a man running a successful business who treats me like a friend, has values and a sense of fair play that matches my own.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Give up secure employment and throw myself into this self-employment (driving instructor), making a career in teaching, finding skills that were already there and massively important in this line of work.

What do you do in your spare time?

Teach Karate, eat KFC and drink Guinness.

Guilty pleasure?

S Club 7, Steps and McFly. Perfectly harmless little pop groups!

Favourite food?

Steak cooked the way I like it! Miller and Carter and the Black Iron restaurants in Leicester do it how I like it!

Favourite film?

Lock Stock or Kill Bill.

And finally, tell us something different about you…

I won’t give up on you, even if you give up on yourself. I always try to be the hardest working person in the room and if there’s another way, I’ll find it.

To get booked in with Paul, you can contact him directly on 07739 342335 or visit our driving lessons Leicester page for more information and prices. Request Paul over the phone when booking in.

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