Part One ADI Theory Test

The theory test is part one of your driving instructor training course and aims to question your knowledge at a higher level of a learner driver, meaning it is essential to revise and prepare as much as possible. The test consists of a Hazard Perception section and a selection of multiple choice questions. Both parts of the exam must be passed in order to receive overall completion in which you must receive 57/75 on the Hazard perception section and 85% on the multiple choice questions. However, the multiple choice questions are divided into 4 separate sections:

• Road procedure traffic signs and signals

• Car control

• Pedestrians and mechanical knowledge

• Driving test, disabilities and the law, publications and instructional techniques.

You must receive a minimum mark of 80% which totals to 20/25 correct answers on each section to pass. This means you could exceed an overall pass of 85% but still fail if you did not receive at least 20% on each topic.

Quick facts involving your Part One ADI Theory Test :

• The test lasts for 90 minutes

• The multiple choice section aims to test your knowledge on the Highway Code, Instructional Techniques and Rules of the road.

• The Hazard Perception tests your ability to identify potential dangers which may occur while you are driving.

• The test is computer based

• You can take advantage of a pre-test session to familiarise yourself with the layout and format of the test.

• The multiple choice section consists of 100 questions in total.

• The hazard perception  test has a total of 14 clips each lasting one minute. 13 clips have 1 markable hazard. 1 clip has 2 markable hazards, which is worth double the points.

• The Hazard Perception sections consists of various types of hazards, such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.

• In order to achieve a good score, you must respond to the developing hazards quickly.

* The video below is for the learners theory test. The DVSA haven’t released one for the ADI part 1 theory test yet.
When you watch the video please bare this in mind:

Part One ADI training with driveJohnson’s

All of our trainee’s receive all the relevant resources to complete the part one ADI test successfully.

You will find there are some large establishments that make a small fortune by putting 10 trainees in a classroom with one trainer for a few days.

The part one ADI theory test requires the following:

• Correct learning resources

• Commitment and self-discipline

• Effort

• Occasional advice from a trainer

When you start your ADI driving instructor training with us you will receive all of the resources you need with our main package.

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