Part 3 – Ability to Teach

The Part 3 – Ability to Teach test to become a driving instructor is considered to be the hardest test.

If you’re reading this, then you have probably passed the Part 1 and 2 tests, so there is no reason why you cannot pass the Part 3 as long as you receive the right training. That’s why the DVSA only allow three attempts on each test – to ensure the standard of the PDIs getting through to the final stage are high. Unlike the learners test, which you can learn by failure, you get just three attempts on your Part 3, so you should only use them wisely and when you are ready.

The Test

  • The test slot you will be given is 1 hour long.
  • You should know the area you are taking your Part 3 in well, as you will need to demonstrate good lesson planning and score at least 7 marks on the Risk Management section of the test.
  • You will be expected to provide your own pupil for the day of the test. Your chosen test centre will not provide a pupil for you, nor will the examiner do role play for you like the old Part 3 – PST format Pre-December 23rd 2017.
  • From 23rd December 2017, the PST style Part 3 test will be discontinued and the new Part 3 standards check will be tested.

For more information about the standards check – click here.

Most of the information you need regarding the Part 3 is now the same as the Standards Check.

How we will prepare you for the Part 3

  • We suggest a minimum amount of training – 40 hours. You need to do at least 40 hours to obtain a trainee licence/PDI licence.
  • Although the old PST part 3 test has been discontinued, one areas that will be transferred over and applied to the new test is the core competencies. Fault, Analysis, remedial action. This will be integrated into your teaching throughout your part 3 training.
  • Initially your training will be role play based. Where your trainer will play the role as the pupil and you will need to train them accordingly on the chosen subject.
  • Once you have grasped certain subjects, your trainer may make other faults that aren’t related to the chosen subject at the beginning of the lesson. You will need to correct these faults and decide if it’s necessary to change the lesson plan.
  • Once you are at a stage where you know many subjects and you are able to change the lesson plan to suit the pupils needs as and when necessary, you will be given the opportunity to practice with a pupil your trainer has provided or you may know someone yourself that needs to learn to drive.
  • The new part 3 test format requires you to provide your own pupil for the test day, So going out there and practising with real life pupils would benefit most trainee’s. Once you are at this stage of your training, you may decide to go onto a trainee licence.
  • The trainee licence isn’t compulsory. You can take your Part 3 test without taking out a trainee licence.

The general lesson theme categories we will be training you on are:

  • Junctions
  • Town & city driving
  • Interaction with other road users
  • Dual carriageways/faster roads
  • Effective use of mirrors
  • Defensive driving
  • Independent driving
  • Rural roads
  • Motorways
  • Eco-safe driving
  • Manoeuvres
  • Emergency stop
  • Commentary

Minimum requirements for your Part 3 test

  • On the day of your Part 3 test, you will need to ensure your car is insured for the purpose of the Part 3 test.
  • You should provide your own pupil on the day of your Part 3 test.
  • Your car should be roadworthy with valid tax and MOT.

You can’t use any of the following vehicles on the test:

  • BMW Mini Convertible
  • Ford KA Convertible
  • Toyota iQ
  • VW Beetle Convertible
  • Any 2 seater car

If you are unsure if your car is suitable for the Part 2 or 3 test, you should contact the DVSA, especially if your car is a convertible or panel van.

The marking sheet

The marking sheet is split into 3 categories:

  • Lesson planning
  • Risk management
  • Teaching and learning strategies

The marking sheet looks very similar to the Standards Check form, the main difference is the colour and a few areas at the top that concerns your trainer and record keeping for your 40 hours training and any supervised/additional training.

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